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We explore in detail the capabilities of specialized PPC promotion tools to generate Pay-Per-Click campaigns capable of delivering exceptional results at up to 50% lower costs. We invite you to discover how our PPC services can support your business goals.

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We run high-performance Pay-Per-Click promotion strategies on the most powerful platforms available on the market. We provide to your business a professional team of PPC specialists with +7 years of experience and annual sales of +15 million euros.

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I am Alexandra Lovin, Managing Partner and PPC specialist at re7consulting. Let’s find together the best Pay-Per-Click promotion strategies for your business.

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Alexandra Maria Lovin - Managing Partner re7consulting
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Efficiency-focused PPC Agency

Pay-Per-Click marketing is the best choice for entrepreneurs who want immediate results. Our PPC promotion campaigns are based on customized strategies, designed to give you the best results in the shortest time.

PPC Audit
We need to know where to start, so first of all we start with an analysis of your online business presence.
Keywords Analysis
We use specialized tools to find the keywords with the highest conversion potential.
PPC Strategy
We set the goals, establish the budget and the most efficient ways to achieve them.
We put the created campaigns to work and follow their evolution step by step, measuring the results continuously.
A/B Testing
Nobody knows the recipe for success. As a result, we have to test the ads to find the most effective ones.
We improve ads in real time, based on preliminary data generated by the tests and the campaign itself.
Not all customers are determined to buy right from the start, that’s why we make sure that your offer stays on their mind.
Dynamic Ads
Ads adapt in real time to the customer’s needs, guaranteeing ideal exposure every time.
Landing Page
Landing pages supported by effective conversion funnels, capable of driving the customer’s purchase decision.
We know someone in our office who has the ability to stimulate the customer’s buying decision with words.
Graphic Design
We create quality photo or video graphic designs for highly successful PPC campaigns.
We are constantly providing you figures and statistics on how your PPC campaign is performing.
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Our vision

The PPC campaign specialists from re7consulting agency are ready to support you in the process of Pay-per-Click advertising promotion, providing you with the necessary logistics, all the required related services and the experience gained in +7 years of activity in the field.

What are PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaign promotion is a distinct advertising model that involves placing ads on a dedicated platform (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).

The budget allocated in a PPC campaign is requested on a one-off basis, with payment being made each time the ad is opened.

The purpose of PPC ads is to drive a potential customer to a conversion action (purchase, appointment, sign-up, etc).

The implementation of a Pay-per-Click campaign is a complex process and uses specific tools that are characterized, in turn, by a high level of operational difficulty. As such, the process of implementing a PPC ad campaign requires specialized assistance from a PPC agency.

PPC Marketing Benefits

Pay-per-Click campaigns can be passive (Google Ads) and active (Social Media Ads).

Passive advertising welcomes the potential customer in the process of finding a solution to their problem. In this case, the campaign strategy focuses on anticipating the potential customer’s search intent and positioning them in the right way, at the right time.

Active ads, on the other hand, are displayed in front of the potential customer and are designed to awaken a need and stimulate a specific action. In this case, the PPC campaign strategy focuses on targeting the right audience, likely to develop an interest in your product or service.

Whatever the case, a Pay-per-Click campaign offers a clear set of benefits for your business. First and foremost, we’re talking about cost efficiency, as you pay strictly for the number of clicks an advert receives.

Also, the process of finding the potential customers is extremely efficient, having professional tools for this purpose, integrated in specialized advertising platforms. Last but not least, PPC campaigns generate immediate results and can be optimised in real time.

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