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In-house Marketing Courses

We run In-house marketing courses that will give you all the knowledge you need to grow your business quickly and efficiently, regardless of the size of your company or the field of activity.

We offer In-house online marketing courses in Romanian, English and German.

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Marketing courses. Who we target?

Regardless of your field of activity, at the end of our intensive program you will have the ability to implement the most effective promotion strategies currently existing in the digital ecosystem. Mainly, our specialised In-house Online Marketing Courses focuses on:

Marketing zone

Directors, managers and specialists in marketing departments who want to improve their knowledge or contribute to the development of the team they lead.

Sales Zone

Executives, managers and specialists in sales departments who want to expand their strategic vision with valuable insights related to digital marketing.

PR/HR Zone

Directors, managers and specialists working in Public Relations or Human Resources departments who want to expand their knowledge in the field of online promotion.

Marketing courses.

We know that time and money are the most important assets of the business you represent, that’s why we will offer you a pragmatic and customized in-house training program, focused exclusively on achieving your business objectives in the shortest possible time, with an ultra-optimized cost vs. result ratio.

Here’s what our in-house marketing courses cover:

social media marketing inhouse courses - re7consulting

Social Media

Networks used
• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• TikTok
• Brand Analysis
• Competition Analysis
• Identification of strengths and weaknesses
• Locating development opportunities
• Optimizing social media accounts
• Setting up automated messages
• Community management
• Development of the promotion strategy
• Setting objectives and KPIs
• Audience analysis and creation of the ideal customer profile
• Setting up the marketing platform
• Setting up ad management tools
• Planning creative needs
• Setting up ads
• Budget strategy
• Creating/optimizing landing pages
• Graphic Design Tips & Tricks
• Copywriting
• Content Marketing
• Implementation, monitoring and optimisation of campaigns
• Retargeting strategies 
google ads inhouse courses - re7consulting

Google Ads

Targeted media

• Google Search Ads
• Google Display Ads
• Google Shopping Ads
• Youtube Ads
• Gmail Ads 

• Brand Analysis
• Competition Analysis
• Market Research
• Market positioning
• Audience Analysis
• Creating the ideal customer profile
• Practices for determining the intent displayed by the potential client
• Setting up the marketing platform
• Creating/optimizing landing pages
• Setting up Google Ads accounts
• Setting up advertising campaigns
• Setting up the budget strategy
• Keyword research
• Planning creative needs
• Wireframing
• Web Design & Graphic Design
• Copywriting
• Implementation, monitoring and optimisation of campaigns
• Retargeting strategies 
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The programme benefits from a high level of flexibility, which means that you can opt in for either one of the courses or for a complete package which can include the whole programme.


If you just want to complement your existing knowledge, you can opt for an ultra-customised training, which only covers certain stages of the programme of the two courses.

Want to find out more?

I am Alexandra Lovin, Managing Partner and Marketing Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to discuss the benefits that our In-house online marketing courses program can offer you.

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Alexandra Maria Lovin - Managing Partner re7consulting

Marketing courses. Organisation

Our In-house training programs have a strong note of pragmatism, aimed exclusively at providing professional support for the creation and implementation of the digital marketing plan, as well as the strategies needed to achieve business objectives.

Multilingual structure

We offer in-house marketing courses in Romanian, English and German.

The structure of the courses is flexible, closely adapted to the needs of your business. At the same time, each program offered integrates a strong consulting touch, which means that we will thoroughly analyze each active promotion channel within the campaign and provide corrective solutions to overcome bottlenecks.

Flexible schedule

Each in-house marketing course takes place over 1-3 days (including weekends).

The location will be determined after prior discussion and can be the company’s headquarters or any other mutually agreed location.


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We invite you to discuss more about how our in-house digital marketing training programs can generate the benefits your business needs to perform effectively in the online ecosystem.

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