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If you have a business that supports itself through Business-to-Business transactions, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to promote your offerings. With millions of users in Romania, most of them active in the B2B sphere, LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to reach your business goals. We invite you to discover our unique LinkedIn Ads promotion possibilities.

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Available LinkedIn Ads types

Did you know that LinkedIn is responsible for generating more than 50% of the traffic for businesses operating in the Business-to-Business domain? Marketing on LinkedIn should therefore be an essential component of your business promotion strategy.

Here are the types of LinkedIn Ads that re7consulting specialists implement to deliver your expected results.

Image Ads

Promote your offers through Single Image ads strategically positioned on the LinkedIn feed of potential customers.

Video Ads

Make the most of the unique marketing dynamics offered by video ads running on the LinkedIn network.

Carousel Ads

Display your offers in an interactive way, through carousel ads with up to 10 images and a dedicated link on each image.

Text Ads

Text ads can be set up extremely quickly, can be enhanced with an image and have dedicated placement on the platform.

Dynamic Ads

High conversion potential ads, automatically personalized based on data extracted from the LinkedIn profile of potential customers.

Sponsored Messaging

Personalized ads, delivered directly to the chat box of potential customers, only when they are active on the platform.

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I am Teodora Stancu, Social Media Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to locate together the best LinkedIn Ads marketing strategies for your business.

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LinkedIn Ads for Sales

LinkedIn is a perfect marketplace for entrepreneurs who trade products or services to other businesses in the marketplace. Strongly professional, the audience present on this platform shows a high interest in the offers received, so LinkedIn Ads promotion campaigns can generate exceptional results.

Discuss more about your LinkedIn Ads sales goals with a re7consulting specialist.

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LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is built with the fundamental purpose of facilitating connections between professionals around the world. Furthermore, LinkedIn hosts one of the most powerful engagement platforms on the planet, so LinkedIn Ads campaigns run on this platform have the ability to deliver exceptional results on lead generation goals.

Discuss more about your lead generation goals through LinkedIn Ads campaigns with a re7consulting specialist.

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⭐ Our creative services are included.

We provide integrated creative services, including graphic design and custom content creation. With our creative expertise, you’ll benefit from visuals and engaging content that will set you apart in the marketplace.

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linkedin ads agency

LinkedIn Ads: Clear targets. Superior results

We run successful professional LinkedIn Ads campaigns with proven results, materialized in the successful achievement of targeted business objectives. Here are the specific objectives you can achieve with the help of our LinkedIn Ads specialists.

Brand Awareness
Get more visibility for your brand in front of your LinkedIn audience.
Website Traffic
Initiate the conversion process by attracting potential customers to the site.
Boost audience feedback to measure campaign quality.
Video Views
The number of views obtained by the video ads running on LinkedIn are a good indicator for the relevance of the campaign.
Lead Generation
Target a well-defined audience and arouse potential customers’ interest in your offers.
Attract quality customers to your business through campaigns with conversion goals.
Job Seekers
Locate the people best suited to join your team as new employees.
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Note from the experts

If you run a business that offers products or services predominantly dedicated to the Business-To-Business market, LinkedIn is the ideal place to grow your brand by presenting your portfolio to a highly professional audience.

More visibility and authority for your brand

Promoting your expertise, connections, and achievements stimulates the development of a favorable impression of your business, which can position your brand as an influential source in the marketplace.

The social network offers a set of specific features, created with the clear aim of stimulating interactions between users who develop common interests.

With linkedIn you have the opportunity to enter into communities with people who develop common interests with those you have or you can create such a community yourself, thus benefiting from maximum visibility and authority in front of potential customers.

LinkedIn is essential for B2B businesses

Due to the clear characteristics that the LinkedIn social platform displays, it has become a basically indispensable network for companies that develop their activity in the Business-to-Business area, whether they want to offer professional services or specific products, whether they are running recruitment campaigns or are looking for new business partnerships.

The tools that LinkedIn makes available to stakeholders are specifically designed to maximize the success rate in achieving specific goals.

LinkedIn offers specialized tools for locating potential customers, retaining and legalizing connections already made, and for driving conversion when connections already made are ready to take the next step in their relationship with your company.

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