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re7consulting agency in Bucharest offers full SEO Optimization services and SEO consulting for business promotion in Google organic results. We identify your website’s SEO problems and opportunities and locate the most effective optimization strategies to generate more organic traffic from Google.

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SEO Optimization Services

We offer SEO Optimization services with proven capabilities to accelerate the performance of your website and expand your visibility in Google searches on keywords relevant to your business. Here are the types of SEO optimization services that re7consulting specialists use to successfully deliver your expected results.

SEO Consulting

We help you set your SEO goals, perform SEO audit, keyword and competitor analysis, then provide you with a strategy and budget.

On-Page SEO Optimization

We carry out the entire On-Page SEO strategy of the site based on relevant keywords, including all necessary technical optimizations.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

We identify, propose and implement the most effective SEO strategies for obtaining quality backlinks on targeted keywords.

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I am Georgiana Solomon, SEO Specialist at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to locate together the most suitable SEO Optimization campaigns for your business.

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On-Page & Off-Page SEO Optimization

With us you will benefit from a dedicated SEO consultant (with over 8 years of experience), who will give you all the necessary support for your business to get the best possible SEO results.

SEO Consulting

We offer On-Page SEO consulting services & Off-Page SEO for businesses that are looking for a medium to long-term partner.

Keyword analysis

We locate searches in your niche. We determine the search intent for each keyword. Organised. Holistic.

SEO Audit

We also complicate where we need to. That’s why in the agency we use more than 100 criteria for site analysis.

On-Page SEO Optimization

HTML code, sitemaps, links, speed, content and pretty much everything that can be optimized on your website is solved with our agency.

Google Penalty

It’s good to avoid Google penalties, but if you’ve already been sanctioned, don’t despair, we’ll figure it out together.

Link Building

Quality backlinks from websites relevant to your niche for healthy growth in Google.

Content Marketing

In re7consulting agency, content is the raw material in SEO, it generates backlinks and increases visibility in SERP.

Mobile First

Google recommends that businesses own UX and UI optimized websites for mobile.


We strengthen SEO campaign performance through strategies taken from the Public Relations (PR) industry.

UX Optimization

The customer matters. We know that. And you know that. That’s why we strive to provide a unique experience on your business website.

SEO Integration with Social Media

Without content, SEO strategy doesn’t work. Without promotion, content is useless. Draw your own conclusion.

SEO Reporting and Analysis

Implement. Analyse. Optimise. All the while, you’re on top of everything that’s moving in your SEO campaign.

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Note from the experts

The SEO optimization process has the ability to strengthen your presence in the Google search engine, on keywords relevant to your potential customers.

SEO On-Page

re7consulting agency helps you gain an advantage by improving your website compared to your competitors’ platforms.

The goal of your business is to consistently attract customers from organic results, so it’s important to understand how a search engine works from an SEO perspective. This is where our agency comes in.

The main objective in our agency is to help you, through consulting, to understand all the relevant aspects from an SEO point of view, but also to offer you support in implementation, in order to increase your organic visibility and, implicitly, your website traffic.

From an SEO point of view, search engines (e.g. Google) analyse websites from an On-Page and Off-Page point of view.

At re7consulting agency, the actions required in the process of On-Page SEO optimization are aimed exclusively at the performance of your website.

They aim at optimizing both the HTML code, the source code of the CMS, and the content (both text and visual) at the level of each page of the site.

We discuss, overall, about making the site more efficient from an SEO point of view, up to the ranking criteria required by Google algorithms.

All the while, the priority focus is on aligning with the requirements of the Mobile First Index, the new search engine indexing paradigm based on the performance of the mobile version of the site.

SEO Off-Page

The On-Page SEO part alone, however, is not enough to achieve the results desired by any client of an SEO agency. Therefore, an Off-Page SEO strategy of at least 6 – 12 months must be implemented in the SEO campaign in order to obtain the desired results.

At re7consulting agency, the Off-Page SEO optimization process defines the entire ecosystem of strategies and practices to boost your website’s visibility in Google.

The fundamental objective of this distinct branch of the SEO process is to attract high quality backlinks to your business website from platforms relevant to your niche.

However, the Off-Page SEO strategy offered by the agency also focuses on other online marketing activities relevant to gaining expertise, authority and credibility in your field of activity.

Also integrated into the Off-Page SEO strategy are Local SEO, Link Bait and Citations.

We like to deliver quality SEO. That’s why the SEO specialists at re7consulting exclusively follow White Hat SEO strategies.

Thus, you get the guarantee of the best SEO services adapted exactly to the optimization rules imposed by Google, the risk of penalty being practically zero.

What SEO services does re7consulting Agency in Bucharest offer?

We offer complete professional SEO services to promote websites to the top of Google organic results.

How quickly do SEO promotion services deliver results?

A concrete answer to this question we can give you only after we perform an SEO Audit of your website and an analysis of the competitors present in Google for the keywords we are going to target in the SEO campaign. Usually, a quality SEO agency can get you results in 6 to 12 months (or less, depending on the keywords targeted).

What does quality/professional SEO services mean?

The implementation of professional SEO services requires constant collaboration between the client, the agency and the SEO specialist. Then, the quality of the SEO services offered consists in the strategies used and the respect of the conditions imposed by the search engine algorithms. When using the services of an SEO agency, it is important to make sure that your website will not be penalised by Google algorithms.

Why to choose the services of a SEO agency in Bucharest?

Choosing the right partner to provide you with professional SEO services is one of the vital elements in getting results. re7consulting agency has achieved a +159% increase in organic traffic from Google in just 9 months for this website ( in a very competitive field of activity.

Do I need SEO services or SEO consulting?

Contact us and let’s discuss the SEO needs of your business, then we will determine together if you need SEO services actively and constantly implemented by our agency or if you only need sporadic SEO consulting.

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