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We are a Google certified agency, specializing in Google Ads marketing campaigns with exceptional results recognized even by the Google team for performance. We have specialists capable of using all the ad formats made available by the Google Ads tool to deliver the results you expect.

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Google Ads Marketing

Available types of Google Ads

Google offers a wide range of advertising services for businesses that want a fast and consistent sales process, integrated into the Google Ads tool, which specializes in the creation, measurement and optimization of ads run on Google platforms. Here are the types of Google Ads that re7consulting specialists use to successfully deliver your expected results.

Performance Max

Responsive ads displayed on all channels and optimized in real time for conversion based on smart bidding.

Search Ads

Personalized text ads strategically displayed to potential customers on Google search engine pages.

Display Ads

Dozens of images in as many distinct resolutions, displayed on millions of websites and apps accessed by potential customers.

Shopping Ads

Complex ads with high conversion potential, automatically generated from the product feed based on the required strategy.

YouTube Ads

Super dynamic video ads strategically displayed to potential customers on the world’s largest video platform.

Gmail Ads

Personalized text ads, strategically displayed in the Inbox section of your potential customers’ personal Gmail accounts.

App Ads

Omnichannel display ads strategically designed to get potential customers to download your app from the Play Store.

Discovery Ads

Ads specifically designed to be displayed for potential customers who are ready to discover and interact with your brand.

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I am Alexandru Gradinaru, Google Ads Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to find together the most suitable Google Ads marketing campaigns for your business.

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Alexandru Gradinaru, Google Ads Manager & SEO Optimisation Specialist re7consulting
Google Ads for Sales

We run Google Ads campaigns capable of doubling your ad revenue with up to 35% less investment. Currently, our partners are experiencing an average increase of 100% in the value of purchases from Google Ad campaigns.

Discuss more about your sales goals through Google Ads campaigns with a re7consulting specialist.

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Google Ads for Lead Generation

We are an agency specialized in attracting qualified leads by running high performance Google Ads campaigns, both in terms of volume of results and high level of cost efficiency.

Discuss your Google Ads lead generation goals with a re7consulting Specialist.

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⭐ Our creative services are included.

We provide integrated creative services, including graphic design and custom content creation. With our creative expertise, you’ll benefit from visuals and engaging content that will set you apart in the marketplace.

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Note from the experts

The Google Ads platform provides you with a complex mix of advertising solutions, bidding opportunities and audience targeting methods suitable for your business.

Why your business needs Google Ads?

You’ve probably already noticed how crowded the digital ecosystem has become.

Competition in the area of digital entrepreneurship is growing.

Entrepreneurs already understand, for the most part, the huge potential that large digital platforms have in their business activity, especially the determining role that Google-operated platforms play in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Google Ads is one of the most popular online advertising tools, due to the huge potential of converting users into customers for your business.

A Google Ads campaign that is based on a clear strategy and a proper process for creating, implementing, measuring and optimizing ads has the potential to easily achieve the goals you want to reach.

Google Ads Campaigns: simplified for you.

This genuine advertising ecosystem offered by Google is however becoming increasingly complex in terms of understanding it and, as such, using these advertising solutions in a way that generates profit.

That’s why you need an agency specialized in Google Ads (AdWords) advertising, with specialists able to take on the considerable amount of work required in the promotion process, to think of the most effective strategy, to implement the campaign and to optimize it so that it reaches the set objectives, and you just enjoy the results.

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