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We are happy to present you our new tool: the marketing ROI calculator. Developed in-house by our experts in analytics and strategy, it is an essential solution for entrepreneurs and business managers who want to evaluate and optimise the key performance indicator, Return on Investment (ROI). With this tool, we provide a clear and detailed insight into the effectiveness of your online advertising investments, eliminating the need to rely on guesswork or intuition.

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Using the calculator, you can select the amount of money you want to invest and, in return, you will receive a detailed estimate of the rate of return on your investment. Moreover, it calculates the likely results, including anticipated losses and gains, as well as the estimated annual ROI. This way, you can make informed and strategic decisions about your marketing budget and beyond, taking into account both the earning potential and the risks involved.

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At re7consulting, we aim to simplify the concept of ROI (Return on Investment) and help our clients maximize its potential in their marketing strategies. With the ROI calculator, our clients can quickly and easily obtain accurate and relevant information about the effectiveness of their advertising investments, making it easier for them to make decisions and achieve the desired results in online marketing.

What is ROI?

Would you like to know how profitable your online advertising investments are? It’s time to find out! Our blog article explores in depth the concept of ROI and its impact on your business. From defining the concept to using an ROI calculator, like the one offered by re7consulting, we’ll guide you through step by step. Managing expenses and optimising marketing strategies are just a few of the topics covered to help your business shine online. Be in control and maximise your return on investment – find out more in our article!

Performance indicators

Do you want to know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies in a clear and concrete way? Our blog article tackles the essential topic of KPIs, including ROI and ROAS, giving you a comprehensive overview of how these indicators can influence the success of your business. By understanding and using these KPIs, you can get a clearer and more detailed picture of the results of your online promotion campaigns.

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Our team of digital marketing specialists has gathered a number of frequently asked questions that our clients raise about the concept of Return on Investment (ROI) and the use of our ROI calculator. We’ve collated these questions to provide a deeper and clearer understanding of the importance of ROI in digital marketing and how it can be used to make strategic and informed decisions in advertising campaigns.

What is ROI and why is it important in marketing?

ROI (Return on Investment) is an indicator that measures the efficiency of an investment by comparing the profit obtained with the amount invested. It is essential in marketing to evaluate the profitability of campaigns and to make informed strategic decisions.

How is ROI calculated in marketing?

The basic formula for calculating ROI is: ROI = (Profit – Cost)/Cost * 100%. Profit and cost must be calculated in the same monetary unit.

How does ROI help in marketing campaigns?

ROI gives a clear picture of the effectiveness of advertising and marketing investments. It helps to identify the most profitable channels and tactics, making it easier to adjust strategy to maximise returns.

What is the ROI Calculator developed by re7consulting and how does it work?

The re7consulting ROI calculator is an online tool that allows clients to evaluate their profit and return estimates based on the amount invested in their marketing campaigns. Users enter the amount invested and the calculator calculates the likely results, the estimated annual ROI and the time required to achieve the ROI.

How to use the re7consulting ROI Calculator?

Users enter the amount they want to invest in their marketing campaigns in the appropriate field, and then the calculator generates estimates of potential profits, losses, annual ROI and the time required to achieve ROI.

What are the benefits of using the ROI Calculator?

Using the ROI Calculator gives clients a clear and detailed insight into the return on their marketing investments, helping them to make informed decisions and optimise their strategies to achieve better results.

Are there any limitations of the ROI Calculator?

The ROI calculator provides estimates based on data input, but actual results may vary depending on several factors, such as changes in the market or consumer behaviour.

What other resources can you use to maximize marketing ROI?

In addition to the ROI Calculator, it’s important to constantly monitor and analyze campaign performance, test and adjust strategies based on results, invest in the channels and tactics that bring the highest ROI, and maintain open and collaborative communication with your marketing team.

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