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Recruitment marketing services

With a diverse portfolio of clients in the recruitment industry, re7consulting offers you customized marketing solutions to differentiate yourself and achieve your goals. We approach employer brand development and talent recruitment with professionalism and expertise, through professional promotional services refined over the past 8 years.


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We offer a wide range of recruitment services.

With in-depth expertise in marketing to the recruitment industry, we bring our exceptional capabilities to help you achieve your recruitment goals and stand out in this competitive environment. We explore tailored strategies to put you ahead of the competition, successfully promoting your recruitment agencies, job ads and employer brand.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agency promotion – we have a deep level of understanding of the recruitment industry, thus developing tailored strategies to make your recruitment agency stand out. We tackle every aspect, from building your employer brand to creating high-performing content that attracts the attention of the best candidates.

Job advertisement

Job advertisement promotion – using innovative marketing approaches, we turn job vacancies into irresistible opportunities. Through a variety of marketing channels and professional promotion techniques, we bring the right candidates to the right jobs.

Employer Branding

Employer brand building strategies – we work with you to build and manage your employer image, establishing authentic connections with candidates. We strive to develop your company image to the point where it is recognized as a top workplace, so you can attract exceptional talent.

recruitment marketing

Our marketing services for the recruitment industry

Local and global recruitment expertise

The digital marketing agency re7consulting offers customized marketing strategies for the recruitment industry, tailored to specific needs in Romania and around the world. With a professionalism-focused approach, we specialise in promoting the authenticity of recruitment agencies and developing strong relationships with candidates and employers. Whatever your objective – promoting job ads or building a strong employer brand – we are here to develop and implement effective and innovative strategies.

⭐ Our creative services are included.

To enhance the value of your recruitment agency and your job ads, we provide integrated creative services, including graphic design and custom content creation. With our creative expertise, you’ll benefit from visuals and engaging content that will set you apart in the marketplace and attract the attention of potential candidates.

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A new successful partnership starts today.

Discover the benefits of working with a specialist recruitment marketing team, ready to provide your business with a full range of online promotion services dedicated to your specific business, with proven results.

Detailed reports and analyses

We deliver measurable results based on hard facts and figures. This unique aspect will allow you to track the impact of our marketing efforts over time, and will allow us to adapt strategies based on performance, leading to a steady increase in recruitment success.

Support in creating a strong brand

Our experience in the Employer Branding segment will help you build a strong professional image, thus attracting quality candidates and strengthening employee loyalty. With our help, you can become a top employer with a strong differentiation in the market.

Customised marketing solutions

We offer customized strategies for promoting recruitment agencies and job advertisements. You’ll benefit from a mix of services, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and web development, tailored to your specific needs. perfectly suited to your industry.

Start with a free audit

To ensure that we can deliver tailored and effective solutions, our partnership will start with a free audit. This audit will not only give us a clear picture of your positioning as a brand, but will identify the ideal starting point for our collaboration. This initial step will pave the way to our joint success and help us take the right steps from the very first moment.

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Marketing the recruitment industry: case studies

Results don’t lie. Discover the success stories we have built with our partners in the recruitment industry, both in Romania and globally.


We measure success in facts, not just numbers.

At re7consulting, measuring success is not just an exercise in data analysis, but an exciting journey of discovery. We look beyond the numbers to find the authentic story behind them. We take pride in seeing our clients achieve their goals in the recruitment industry. We’re here to build relationships of trust and marketing excellence and to continue to enable growth and development in the recruitment sphere.

Promoting efficiency

We provide recruitment companies with marketing solutions that maximise efficiency and impact, reducing the cost and effort required to achieve recruitment goals. With a data-driven approach and tailored strategies, we promote agency services effectively, attracting quality candidates.

Employer Branding consolidated

We offer recruitment agencies a unique opportunity to strengthen their Employer Branding strategy. By creating and promoting a top employer image, you will become attractive to candidates and keep your employees loyal. This will differentiate your recruitment company in the market and make it easier to attract quality talent.

Customised expertise

With a dedicated team of specialists, we offer unique expertise that understands the specific needs of recruitment agencies. We develop customized strategies that align with the unique requirements of the recruitment industry and deliver measurable results. This specialized experience makes working with us a great choice for recruitment firms.

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Let’s step together into the world of online promotion opportunities, where our team of specialists at re7consulting is ready to turn your ideas into reality.


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