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Marketing services for the fashion industry

We apply integrated promotion strategies for the fashion industry. Benefit from fashion marketing services with proven results and propel your business among the most successful players in the fashion industry.

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We promote a broad spectrum of fashion industry niches

At re7consulting, you will collaborate with experienced specialists capable of delivering solid results regardless of the specifics of your business in the fashion industry. From promoting new fashion collections to developing sales strategies for apparel and accessories, our team of digital marketing experts is here to support your successful sales growth plans. We put our knowledge to work to understand and adapt to the unique needs of the fashion industry, providing you with customized and effective solutions to promote your brand and products.

Personal brand

Do you own a personal fashion brand? We create for you online marketing and brand management strategies designed to give absolute visibility to your fashion collections, boosting their visibility on the market and strengthening your online presence.

Fashion Resellers

We develop integrated digital marketing strategies specialized in efficient promotion of players active on the fashion reselling market in Romania and beyond, focused on efficient customer localization and high performance conversion tactics.

Lingerie and swimwear

We have advanced logistical and strategic digital promotion capabilities for fashion brands with online lingerie and swimwear stores, anchored by extensive experience in developing customized, sales-driven digital campaigns.

Luxury brands

We work closely with our clients in the fashion industry to build effective communication strategies that highlight their products, draw attention to the luxury brand and generate sustainable sales growth.


We pay special attention to the effective promotion of accessory brands. We are passionate about art and fashion trends, and our mission is to bring your unique accessories to the forefront and connect them with the right audience, creating an engaging and profitable online shopping experience.

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Our marketing services for the fashion industry

Are you ready to make a splash in the fashion world? We’re here to help you be the center of attention! With extensive experience in managing digital marketing campaigns for the fashion industry, we’re the perfect choice to propel your business to the catwalk of success.

We apply integrated promotion strategies for the fashion industry in Romania and worldwide. Yes, you heard right, we are as versatile as a classic black dress. 🙂

⭐ Creative services included for fashion marketing!

At re7consulting, we develop holistic promotional strategies tailored for the fashion industry, offering comprehensive expertise ranging from luxury fashion branding to everyday fashion product marketing. And no matter which promotional services you choose, creative services are included.

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Here’s how we work together

We are an online marketing agency specializing in the fashion industry and marketing services for the fashion industry, with a vision dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of promotional strategies that bring outstanding results. We constantly strive to find creative and effective solutions for brands in the fashion industry.

Proven experience

We specialize in marketing strategies for the fashion industry, providing an advanced level of expertise and a detailed understanding of the unique trends and requirements of this evolving industry.

Maximum efficiency

We focus on optimising budgets to deliver outstanding results, ensuring rapid brand recognition and sales growth without wasting precious resources.

Success guaranteed

Through our innovative approach and extensive experience, we help our clients save time and money by providing marketing strategies that generate sustainable success from their business activities in the fashion industry.

Let’s start with a free audit.

Transparency is our strength. At re7consulting we value client trust, so we can start the collaboration with a house audit to see where you stand as a brand and where we can start the collaboration.

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Fashion industry marketing: case studies

The results always speak for themselves. Find out what results we have offered so far to our partners working on the fashion market in Romania and beyond.

Still not fully convinced? See the results our specialists are able to generate for your fashion industry partners.

Fashion Marketing Results


How we measure success

Let’s put an end to confusion and communication problems! Our culture is based on transparency, honest communication and giving you absolute control over your investment in the fashion industry. From the first moment you get in touch with our team of specialists, you will feel like you have your own in-house marketing department.

Quality vs Quantity

We always choose quality over quantity. We want to bring in leads that really matter to you, not just fill reports with numbers. That way, we make sure every penny of your marketing budget makes a difference.

Lead Attribution

We use specialized, premium quality tools that follow each potential customer’s step-by-step journey through the sales maze. This way, you’ll always have a clear view of which promotion channels work best for you.

Sales Attribution

We have the ability to discover exactly which promotional channel generated a sale or attracted a customer, the ad that convinced them, and what they did after the micro-conversion.

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We invite you to discuss more about all the online promotion opportunities you can explore with our specialists at re7consulting agency.


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