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[Case Study] Millionette – TikTok Ads

How we got over 600 sales through TikTok Ads



The challenges we faced in the process of our promotional campaigns were to create the ideal consumer profile for our ads to reach them and to create interactive visuals to get
people’s attention.



Our strategy was based on integrating a mix of objectives and creating the right audiences to reach the target group. The visuals we received from the client, which they made under our guidance, based on current trends, as well as many product presentations and offers.
As a marketing plan, we created several types of campaigns to achieve all the desired objectives: Visibility, Traffic and Sales.
We created specific audiences for potential customers using the methods of
targeting methods specific to the TikTok platform: interests, hashtags, etc.

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During the collaboration period we reached over 15 million impressions and 36,158 followers per account. We also achieved 615 sales at a cost of 22.17 lei per purchase.

“Very pleased! Provides full service and adapts to the field you work in according to your wishes. They find solutions to any problem and come up with new proposals when needed.”

– Priscila Gutita, Owner,







22,17 RON

Main marketing objectives

> Generating sales

The PPC strategy was based on

> Audience testing

> Geolocation targeting

> Testing different visuals

> Promoting the offers

Other targets used

> Reach, interactions, traffic

E-Platform Used:

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