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We develop integrated promotion strategies for the automotive industry in Romania and beyond. Access proven automotive marketing services for some of the most successful players in the automotive industry.

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We promote the whole spectrum of car offers

At re7consulting you will collaborate with specialists capable of delivering solid results regardless of the specifics of your automotive business: from new car promotion, to dedicated used car sales strategies, to promotional tactics for automotive related products and accessories, the agency’s digital marketing specialists will successfully support your targeted sales plan.

New cars

We develop effective online marketing campaigns focused on effectively communicating new car inventory to the market, promoting the car showroom and driving sales.

Used cars

We have the experience and powerful marketing tools to accelerate sales of used cars through specialized strategies to stimulate demand in the market.

Service promotion

We address online marketing strategies and plans to promote car services, tailored to the unique specifics of the business: localization, attraction, conversion and driving recurrence through customer loyalty.

Car financing

We have in-depth knowledge of car financing mechanisms and have the ability to effectively select and communicate the benefits that car leasing and credit services can offer to customers.

Promoting car accessories

We carry out digital marketing campaigns for businesses involved in the marketing of accessories, technologies and products for the automotive market.

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Our marketing services for the automotive industry

The experience gained over the last 8 years working with some of the largest players in the automotive market has enabled us to refine and develop a comprehensive service portfolio capable of delivering exceptional results. Here are the digital marketing services we can offer you.

P.S. Want to hear a secret? Our agency’s first client was a company in the automotive industry, a partner for whom we still deliver outstanding results even today, 8 years later, using a mix of these services presented below, tailored to their specific business needs.

⭐ Creative services included!

We offer a complete creative mix, from strategy and creative planning services to graphic design, video creation and copywriting, and each of these services is included in the price if you choose our digital marketing services specialising in the automotive industry.

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Here’s what you’ll get from us

We are an online marketing agency specializing in the automotive industry, with a vision focused exclusively on localizing promotional strategies capable of delivering maximum results, with an optimized budget at all times.

Faster customers

Quickly defining your audience and locating the best channels to communicate with them are fundamental elements of our automotive marketing strategies.

Faster sales

We focus on speeding up the process of locating the target audience and clearly defining the advantages offered by your company’s products or services in order to minimize as much as possible the time spent by the customer in the sales hall.

Saving time and money

We are constantly working on optimizing the performance parameters of the auto marketing campaigns we run in order to maximize the results, minimizing the time to conversion and therefore the marketing budget allocated.

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Automotive marketing: case studies

The results always speak for themselves. Find out what results we have offered so far to our partners operating on the automotive market in Romania and beyond.

Still not fully convinced? See the results our specialists are able to generate for your automotive partners.

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Here’s why we are unique

No more lack of communication with the agency and reporting problems. re7consulting’s agency culture places primary emphasis on transparency, honest communication and full client control over their investment. As a result, the first feeling you’ll have after interacting with our specialists is that you’re benefiting from your own in-house marketing team.

Full control

You will always know how we are investing your promotion budget and what is the financial return generated by the marketing campaigns we run. Thus, you will benefit from full financial predictability, knowing when it’s time to scale and when to re-evaluate your investment.


Collaboration with re7consulting agency will involve a level of total transparency on the results generated by the marketing campaigns we implement, being informed whenever you want, but also through clear reports every 7 days minimum.

Daily chat

Immediately after formalizing the collaboration, we will provide you with a dedicated whatsapp group where you will have the opportunity to discuss in real time with experts, requesting information about your campaigns and actively participating in the strategic promotion process.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us today and request a discussion with re7consulting agency specialists to locate together the marketing strategies capable of accelerating your company’s performance in relation to your business objectives.


How we measure results

Our fundamental strategy is to maximize the results obtained from the digital promotion campaigns we run, within the allocated marketing budget, by achieving this through a well-structured process of tracking and data analysis.

Quality vs. Quantity

We always aim to attract qualified leads with high conversion potential at the expense of a high volume of leads, but with low chances of interest in a potential purchase. In doing so, we make sure we put every penny of our marketing budget to work.

Lead Attribution

We use premium specialized tools to track every step a potential customer goes through in the sales pipeline, thus always having a clear picture of the best performing promotion channels.

Sales Attribution

We also have specialized tools that allow us to pinpoint the exact context that generated a sale, including the promotion channel that generated the sale, the advertisement accessed, the user journey after the micro-conversion, as well as relevant demographic and psychographic information about the customer.

What do customers say?


Here’s what our partners in the automotive industry have to say about working with re7consulting specialists.



“Real professionals! Creative, proactive and attentive to detail. I highly recommend!”

Bogdan Brinduse
Marketing Manager

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“I recommend this agency. They are professional, dedicated and goal-oriented.”

Sabina Clemensevici
Marketing Manager



Elisabeth Schunn

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