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We’ve been running high-performance Facebook Ads campaigns for over 7 years, during which time we’ve generated tens of millions in sales and delivered tens of thousands of valuable leads for over 200 partners who have chosen to trust the knowledge of our certified specialists. We invite you to discover our unique Facebook promotion capabilities.

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Facebook marketing tactics

Available types of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a lot of network promotion opportunities to ensure that, wherever your potential customers are, you can use Facebook Ads tools extremely effectively to get your offer in front of them.

Here are the types of Facebook Ads that re7consulting specialists use to successfully deliver your expected results.

Image Ads

High quality visuals created by our graphic design and copywriting teams, based on detailed technical and psychographic analysis.

Video Ads

We develop video structures that strategically incorporate moving visuals with auditory triggers to attract your customers’ attention.

Carousel Ads

We run carousel ads with up to 10 visuals that give customers a detailed picture of your offer, thus decisively boosting the conversion decision.

Collection Ads

We explore to the fullest the dynamic options of Collection Ads to effectively promote your products in the Facebook integrated catalogue.

Instant Experience

We run Instant Experience ads integrated with high-performance marketing funnels developed by our specialists, with a high conversion rate.

Story Ads

We take full advantage of all promotional opportunities, that’s why we are present in Facebook Stories with all types of ads compatible with this dedicated newsfeed.

Reels Ads

We promote your offers through captivating full-screen vertical video ads & & mobile-ready, strategically displayed by the algorithm between organic content published on Reels users.

Messenger Ads

Choose to effectively promote your offers through personalised ads strategically displayed by the algorithm in the contact list of Facebook messenger users.

Talk to a Facebook Ads specialist.

I am Teodora Stancu, Social Media Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to find together the best Facebook Ads promotion strategies for your business.

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Facebook Ads for Sales

We run integrated Facebook Ads campaigns capable of doubling your sales at 50% lower average cost per conversion, a performance already delivered to partners with sales targets in our portfolio.

Discuss more about your sales goals with a re7consulting specialist.

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Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Choose an agency that specializes in lead generation capable of delivering leads at up to 50% lower cost per lead than Facebook Ads campaigns, a performance we already deliver for partners with lead generation goals in our portfolio.

Discuss more about your lead generation goals with a re7consulting specialist.

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⭐ Our creative services are included.

We provide integrated creative services, including graphic design and custom content creation. With our creative expertise, you’ll benefit from visuals and engaging content that will set you apart in the marketplace.

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facebook ads agency

Facebook Ads marketing focused on results

We design and implement professional Facebook promotion campaigns with concrete results, materialized in increasing the number of conversions for your business and the specific parameters that define the presence of your business in Social Media.

We set the goal
What is the end result you want to achieve by promoting your business with Facebook Ads services?
Locate audience
Finding potential customers by establishing demographic, geographic and psychographic parameters provided by Facebook.
We determine where the ads will run: NewsFeed, Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network or all locations.
Set the budget
We propose, you will choose how you want to allocate your budget (daily/lifetime) and you will never spend more than the allocated amount.
We set the types of ads
We choose the most effective ones, from the variety of advertisements specially designed for an efficient promotion of the product or service offered.
We implement
It’s time to let the dogs out. We’re running ads like our job is done. Haha, not even close.
We monitor performance
We track performance in Meta Business Manager and set the next directions for performance improvement.
We optimise
We test groups of different ads. We test copy and visuals. We test audiences. We test. We test. We test until we find the best formula.
We report
We provide you detailed reports with the results generated by the campaigns weekly.
We're More than marketing

Agency Vision

We, at re7consulting, like to live the Social Media buzz at maximum intensity. We learn from it every day and stick our ear to every piece of information that has the potential to contribute to improving the quality of Facebook Ads services offered.

Promote your business on Facebook
Communication is key. In our case, communication is everything and more.

The success of your business through Facebook Ads marketing depends on how you manage to capture your audience’s attention through the act of communication.

Capturing and retaining attention are two determining elements in the success of your business.

However, in order to get attention in an effective way, there are a few rules to keep in mind. Here are just 3 of them:

  • Understand the audience.

Give him what he wants. Help potential customers better understand your business. Show them that you share a common vision, that you respect common values.

  • Be authentic.

Authenticity comes from the unique personality of your business. People appreciate brands that speak openly and honestly about themselves, their vision, their mission.

  • Start from a clear theme. Always.

Never speak without having something to say. Don’t waste people’s time. Plan the communication process. Define the purpose of the information you want to convey and the objective you want to achieve.

Otherwise, things come step by step. Together, however, progress is possible, and the road to success is half done.

Start today your journey to success

In business, success lies at the boundary between evolution as a process and the ideal state of evolutionary maturity.

Of course, in the paradigm of evolution, the end is only a new starting point in a new journey. However, once we have reached the point where we consider ourselves successful, the other evolutionary journeys will be under the sign of success.

Evolution is a natural state. We submit to evolution whether we want to or not. In Social Media, the evolutionary process is born from the symbiosis of two complementary elements: people and information.

Moving through this process, as in any other known ecosystem, is conditioned by a set of rules. You can think of these rules as the rungs of a ladder.

Wanting to achieve success in Social Media, and knowing that we are dealing with an environment composed of the two elements mentioned above, namely people and information, we deduce that the rules we must follow must take into account the people, but also the peculiarities of the communication process.

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