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Online marketing services for the energy industry

In the age of the green energy industry, effective marketing strategies are essential for success. At re7consulting, we are committed to developing innovative and customized marketing strategies that allow you to promote your business in the electricity industry and create authentic and lasting connections with your customers.

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Promoting a diverse spectrum in the energy industry

Marketing agency re7consulting offers marketing solutions for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to the beneficial potential of the renewable energy industry, which is why we focus on providing innovative marketing solutions that contribute to a greener and more resource-efficient world.

Photovoltaic Industry

We are specialists in customized marketing services for the promotion of integrated products and services in the photovoltaic industry. With extensive experience in this field, we focus on creating strong connections between companies operating in this industry and investors interested in green energy.

Electric Mobility

We develop professional online promotion strategies capable of successfully supporting the business plans proposed by companies or re-sellers involved in the marketing of electric or hybrid cars, or involved in the marketing of products, components or related services integrated in the e-Mobility industry.

Energy Supply

We have the professional experience necessary to locate and implement online marketing strategies capable of successfully supporting the expansion of the portfolio of companies operating in the electricity trading market to end customers.

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Our marketing services for the energy industry

In the green energy market, each project is unique and requires an equally unique approach. That’s why we don’t apply a standard solution to all clients, but create customised strategies that uniquely combine traditional promotional methods for consistent and reliable results with green marketing strategies to reach the right audience effectively.

⭐ Creative services included

We are passionate about developing marketing strategies in the green energy industry and pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach. Every project is unique, and we are dedicated to identifying and implementing the most appropriate strategies to help you achieve success in an authentic and effective way.

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How we can support you

We express a deep commitment to what we do, and our passion is a driving force for excellence. With extensive experience in developing marketing strategies for the green energy industry, we understand the complexities and dynamics of this ever-changing industry. This experience enables us to provide tailored solutions, perfectly suited to your business needs, and we are dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly products and services.

Sustainability and environmental impact

Working with our agency is not just about marketing; it also reflects our deep commitment to the environment. Thus, all our marketing strategies are developed with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental impact.


We offer a significant advantage through detailed market and competitive analysis. Through our marketing strategies, you will not only attract customers’ attention, but you will also be one step ahead of the competition. We constantly monitor and analyse performance and industry trends so that you can position yourself effectively in the market.

Learning together

We are committed to sharing our knowledge with you and your team. Through knowledge meetings with agency specialists, direct consultancy and reporting, we support you to better understand the marketing strategies used so you can monitor success step by step.

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Our team of energy marketing specialists is at your service, bringing you the tools and strategies you need to grow your business. With us, you’ll be well on your way to achieving and exceeding your business goals.

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Marketing the electricity industry: case studies

The results always speak for themselves. Find out what results we have delivered so far to our partners in the green energy market in Romania and beyond.


Achievements and evaluation methods

We are open and honest in all aspects of our collaboration, and focus intensely on locating innovative and creative solutions to the specific challenges of each project, measuring success by the real impact we have on our clients’ businesses.

Open and honest

We offer full transparency in all aspects of collaboration and maintain open and honest communication to build trust and ensure joint success.

Innovation and Creativity

We distinguish ourselves through creative approaches and innovative solutions, continuously exploring new ways to promote our partners in the green energy market.

Focus on results

We focus on achieving concrete and measurable results, constantly evaluating performance and adjusting strategies to ensure your goals are met.

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We look forward to developing a strong online presence together and contributing to the development of the green energy industry by providing professional and effective marketing solutions.


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