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Web design & Web Development

We offer Web Design and Web Development services for the development of high-performance web solutions, supported by CMS or coded from scratch, designed to provide exceptional technical results and a superior browsing experience for users.

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Website creation agency. Solutions offered

We develop turnkey web platforms, ready to fully support, both technically and aesthetically, the online promotion needs required by your business model. Want something fast? We use the most powerful CMS solutions on the market. Want something robust, with a high degree of customization and technical complexity? We offer you a mixed team of Romanian and German web designers and programmers with hundreds of projects in our portfolio.

Presentation website

Fully responsive presentation websites and product catalogues, supported by CMS or coded from scratch, with high technical performance and UX capabilities.

Online shop website

Turnkey online store built to sell, coded from scratch or based on the most powerful e-commerce platforms on the market.

Landing page

Individual web page creation, strategically designed to boost lead conversion in your online marketing campaigns.

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I am Georgiana Cerbu, Web Design & Development Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to build together the web platform that will bring you the success you want.

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website creation services

Services integrated in the process of creating your website

The Web Design and Web Development services required in the creation of a website incorporate an entire ecosystem of related services that are capable of manifesting themselves individually. However, integrated in a step-by-step process controlled by our specialists, each of these solutions contributes decisively to achieving extremely high performance for your website.

We design the structure of the site and the flow of possible technical solutions to be integrated into the web solution, along with simulations of the browsing behaviour of future users.
Web Design
We convert abstract lines of code into concrete visual information that will impress anyone at first glance.
Graphic Design
We bring to life unique visual concepts designed to ensure captivating visual communication for visitors.
UI Design
We build intuitive site maps focused on maximizing the website experience for visitors.
UX Design
We create web graphic solutions designed to ensure an accessible and satisfying interactive experience for visitors.
Web Development
High-performance websites, coded from scratch or based on the most efficient CMS platforms on the market.
We implement software systems to automate all the processes performed on the website, which, by automating them, provide a superior browsing experience for users, and quickly provide you with strategic insights to optimize your marketing processes.   
CRM Integration
We facilitate the integration of your website with the CRM tool you have, or we propose you the most efficient CRM tools, so that you have a powerful tool that helps you to better respond to the needs of your customers, through more efficient management of your contact databases.
Responsive Design
We build platforms capable of efficiently adapting to all types of devices and screens available.
Speed Optimisation
We don’t know what a site that loads in more than 3 seconds looks like. In our client portfolio there is no such thing.
We have experts able to ensure the total security of the site, but also the alignment of the platform with GDPR rules.
Technical SEO
We optimize the site at the code level to streamline the crowding process and a superior indexing in search engines.
SEO On-Page
We individually optimize each page of the site, ensuring higher rankings and more traffic from Google.
Web Copywriting
We build content structures designed to increase brand visibility and drive specific actions on the site.
Content Marketing
Integrated content marketing strategies capable of attracting, retaining and loyalty potential customers.
We're More than marketing

Note from the experts

Where tens of millions of people go every day in search of products or services as solutions to their problems, information or simply looking for fun, is where your business needs to be, and mere presence is no longer enough to guarantee success.

Do you need a presentation website?

Creating a website is like an online business card.

Where there are many people, there the environment is conducive to business.

Consequently, there will always be competition. Therefore, mere presence is no longer enough, and a business’s online business card, as the presentation website is called, must maintain an ideal balance between the technical needs demanded by technology platforms and the requirements of potential customers, both defined by an increasing level of complexity.

Technological evolution forces us to continually document and to assume processes of continuous adaptation of technical requirements to online marketing strategies.

That’s why we are ready at any time to meet the requirements and build ultra-performing presentation sites, ready to contribute decisively to the achievement of business objectives.

…or an online shop?

The e-commerce market in Romania has exploded, defining a major shift in consumer habits towards the online environment. This inevitably influences the relationship between supply and demand, leading to a rapid growth in the number of online shops, a natural tendency to ensure a supply commensurate with demand.

The boom in the online commerce industry offers countless benefits. The competitiveness that is being created is reaching ever higher levels, leading to an increase in the level of professionalism of the services offered by e-commerce sites.

Today, if your online store doesn’t offer an intuitive browsing experience, a quality visual experience, if it doesn’t load quickly, if it doesn’t guarantee security or if it doesn’t integrate the most powerful promotion and retargeting tools, your chances of success are limited.

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We invite you to read the latest articles published by the re7consulting agency specialists. From them you will learn valuable information about online promotion and how we apply our digital marketing services to our portfolio partners.

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