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Instagram is about lifestyle, about feeling good, about evoking and sharing beauty with people who share the same values as your brand, so promotion on Instagram is about conveying positive experiences by creating quality visual content. Whatever your goals, with our professional Instagram Ads services you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

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Available types of Instagram Ads

Promote your unique offerings to the right audience at the right time with integrated Instagram Ads campaigns. We invite you to discover the types of paid ads that re7consulting specialists run in your Instagram Feed, Story or Instagram Reels platform.

Image Ads

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram photo ads will tell you everything potential customers need to know to choose your offers.

Video Ads

Accomplish your business goals through the unique, fluid and dynamic experience offered by video ads running on the Instagram platform.

Carousel Ads

Add more chapters to your brand story and get targeted results with creative image carousel ads running on Instagram.

Shop Ads

We help you sell your products effectively directly from your business’s Instagram page through Instagram Shop Ads.

Story Ads

Stay in Stories as long as you want. Explore paid ads in Stories and attract potential customers with creative campaigns created by our certified specialists.

Reels Ads

We invite you to test together the effectiveness of captivating full-screen vertical video ads and & mobile-ready in Instagram Reels.

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I am Teodora Stancu, Social Media Manager at re7consulting agency, and I invite you to find together the best Instagram Ads promotion strategies for your business.

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⭐ Our creative services are included.

We provide integrated creative services, including graphic design and custom content creation. With our creative expertise, you’ll benefit from visuals and engaging content that will set you apart in the marketplace.

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Note from the experts

With over a billion users globally and millions of unique users in Romania, Instagram is also one of the most attractive platforms when it comes to promoting your business.

Why should you use Instagram?
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the digital landscape.

The social network owned by Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on visual content (photo and video) and less on text content. This leads to more efficient communication processes, especially when it comes to product marketing.

Instagram prefers visual content for its qualities. One of these qualities is the ability to deliver the message in a much more effective way. A one-minute video is equivalent to the information compressed into a 1000-word text article.

Take advantage of the higher engagement rate.

Engagement rate measures the level of engagement that the audience shows towards the content posted in Social Media.

How your audience interacts with your posts is evidenced by likes, comments, views, clicks and shares.

The level of interaction measured, as well as the specific way your audience interacts with your content, is one of the most important metrics designed to reflect the success of your social media activities.

On average, the engagement rate generated by campaigns launched on Instagram is about 70% higher than the same metric measured in Facebook campaigns, which denotes a much higher potential for success on Instagram, provided that the goals set in the campaigns are compatible with the characteristics of the platform.

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