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Your business needs results, that’s why we provide you with specialists with over 19 years of aggregated expertise in the German and Romanian markets, condensed into a powerful package of digital marketing services with proven results in over 20 industries.

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Deliver value to your target audience through PPC campaigns that will appear where they should, when they should, for whom they should. Focus on quick, short-term sales, or develop retention tactics by publishing useful, educational or entertaining content that you can use to drive long-term sales.

Whatever tactic you choose, we will help you to attract, retain and loyalty an audience that, over time, will contribute decisively to the success of your business.

All the business are online. Where is yours?

Request an appointment today with re7consulting online marketing services specialists. Together we will establish the strategy for your business to achieve the goal you want.

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Alexandra Maria Lovin - Managing Partner re7consulting
Web design & development

Don’t have a website yet, or already have one, but want to upgrade? Our Web Design and Web Development specialists will provide you with a web product of the highest technical and aesthetic quality, perfectly aligned to your promotional needs.

Web design & dev services

Marketing consulting

We offer specialized digital marketing consulting sessions with a focus on providing dedicated support for each stage of the digital promotion process. Whether you want to access new knowledge in the field of online marketing services, or need clarification on certain aspects of the promotion stages, our specialists are here to provide you with expert advices.

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In-house marketing courses

We offer in-house, 101 or team online marketing courses in Romanian, English and German.

Our programs are built on a structure designed to decode the complexity of marketing services into easy-to-remember elements so that, at the end of the course, you will have the ability to autonomously implement high-performance digital marketing strategies, regardless of the field of activity.

In-house courses

How will you collaborate with us?

Digital Marketing Made Simple.

Our values revolve around the idea of simplicity, and this is reflected in the online marketing services we offer. We like to do complex things using simplified processes. Here’s how simple our collaboration will be.

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to find together the most effective digital marketing service to grow your business online.
We set a meeting
We agree on a preliminary discussion to learn more about your business and the goals you want to achieve through our online marketing services.
You provide us with a set of data regarding the positioning of your business in the market and a projection of the results you want to achieve through our online promotion services.
We perform for you for free a detailed analysis of your online business situation and provide you with a complete report on the current situation.
Development direction
We think and propose preliminary action ideas that can be further directions to promote your business through our digital marketing services.
Action Plan
We set up a second discussion in which, based on the report and the brief received from you, we propose our online promotion strategy and the digital marketing tactics we will implement.
The offer
We make sure that the proposed action plan is perfectly aligned with your business objectives and propose an offer adapted to the plan.
We will start the online marketing campaign as soon as the contractual terms are agreed by both parties and the contract is signed.
It’s time to relax, you will enjoy online marketing services at the level of your expectations and a professional, flexible and transparent partnership relationship.
We're More than marketing

Our Vision

We believe that in order to succeed in the digital sphere, your company must follow a strategy that encompasses the entire ecosystem of online marketing services. That’s why we, the re7consulting Romania agency, offer you all the digital marketing services you need to benefit from a fast and consistent growth of your business.

Your business needs marketing.

Your business needs to be where your potential customers are, at the right time, with the right message. That’s why the digital marketing strategies designed and implemented by our specialists incorporate and go beyond the classic approaches to promoting a business online.

The explosive development of competition in the market, coupled with the increasingly complex expectations and requirements of potential customers towards brands, requires a thorough rethinking of promotion strategies in the digital environment. The entire ecosystem of services offered by our agency has the decisive advantage of flexibility, with the ability to adapt our strategies according to the needs of your business.

What do you want from your business?

There are two types of entrepreneurs in the market: those who want immediate results and those who know that slow, organic growth, stimulated by developing a close relationship with potential customers, is the key to long-term success.

We are talking about attention, about the experience offered, about the processes of attracting, retaining and, above all, loyalty of potential customers. Brands offer a unique experience to potential customers, develop complex systems of information, education, stimulation and maintenance of a positive emotional state towards the brand, constantly.

What do you offer, in addition to the competition in your niche??

With the increasing level of competitiveness in the market, there is a growing need for a new strategy in the promotion process. This new vision must redistribute the attention of potential customers both on the product, as a practical solution to their specific need, but especially on the experience offered by the brand, as a solution to their higher desires, located in the affective sphere, on the upper levels of Maslow’s pyramid.

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Latest Marketing articles

We invite you to read the latest articles published by re7consulting agency specialists. From them, you will learn valuable information about online marketing and how we apply our digital marketing services to our portfolio partners.

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