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Episode #5 – Social Media from 3 perspectives

As the definition of Social Media states, officially it is:

“A group of technological tools (websites, applications) that work with the help of a terminal connected to the Internet (computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone).

These tools aim to facilitate communication between two or more users (social groups), as well as the creation, distribution and exchange of content (text, photos, audio, video, multimedia presentations, etc.).

Social Media means blogs, forums, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), video sites (YouTube), photo sites (Shutterstock), mobile apps, messaging services (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype), online games, Wikipedia, etc.”

Besides this definition, each of us perceives this phenomenon differently and, implicitly, the social networks that facilitate this concept.

The difference in perception takes into account a number of factors. geographical, demographic or psychographic.

Today, we will discuss the differences in perception of what Social Media means, depending on interests.

So, in today’s episode, we’ll look at how Social Media is perceived:

If you want to read more, we invite you to the re7consultant blog, where we have prepared a complete article about what Social Media is. Definition from 3 perspectives

Of course, you can also listen to us on:

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