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Episode #9 – The 9 Types of Keywords

Key words are the backbone of an SEO campaign. They give you highly relevant insights into your niche situation, data such as:

  • interest in your product or service
  • volume of searches on your niche
  • search queries of potential customers
  • first page ranking difficulty (level of competition in the SERP)
  • chances of success, in front of competitors and many other indicators.

For keyword analysis to be effective and comprehensive, and to give you all the insights you need to implement an SEO strategy, it is necessary to understand that there are several types of keywords.

There are 9 types of keywords, which we will talk about in episode #9 of the 360° Insights Podcast.

If you want to dig deeper into the topic, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on the re7consulting blog, where we talk about What are keywords? 9 types of keywords and Google’s recommendations.

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