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Marketing Consulting – what is it, what is its role and how does it help you?

Marketing consultancy is a professional service provided by marketing experts.

By opting for marketing consultancy as an outsourced service, companies can access advanced marketing knowledge reliably.

A marketing consultancy agency can provide creative solutions to add value to your internal online marketing department.

Marketing consultancy is considered to be a professional service provided by experts in the field of marketing.

While marketing teams and agencies focus on implementation and execution, marketing consultants specialise in strategy, audit and analysis.

Finally, there are many myths and misunderstandings about marketing consultancy services, but more importantly about their real value to companies.

In US or UK markets, marketing consulting is a well-established term and marketing consultants are constantly hired to consult internal company teams on marketing strategies and expansion into new markets.

However, in Romania, the role of marketing consultants is not yet clear to many businesses and entrepreneurs. The most common myths about consulting services are that it is a very advanced or technical service.

The main advantages of consultancy services

Marketing consultancy as an outsourced service allows companies to access highly advanced marketing knowledge in reliable conditions.

Companies collaborate with marketing consultancy professionals, usually on an urgent needs and short notice basis.

It is drastically different from the market analysis to work with an outsourced marketing firm, because working with a marketing consultant can be short or medium term, while working with a firm is long term.

In marketing consultancy, the process is considerably easier due to the type of contract and results-based conditions. The main advantages of marketing consultancy services can be summarised by the following key features.

  • Specific knowledge.
  • Professional advice from external resources.
  • Flexibility offered by the fact that the marketing consultancy service can be for a specific project or service on a monthly cost basis or even more simply, a collaboration based on profit and KPIs.
  • Customisation – marketing consultants are more like strategic partners and their role is to invest in ongoing challenges.

What is the value of working with an online marketing consultancy?

Marketing consultancy has evolved with the rapid evolution of the internet and with the growth of online marketing. So can marketing consultancy lead to a better understanding of the functionality of online marketing services?

  • Commitment to business goals:

The major value of online marketing consultancy services is in achieving a strategic partnership. Online marketing consultants are hired primarily to help the business achieve its business goals. The main advantage of consulting is that it does not involve lengthy decision-making or internal conflicts, and is therefore a direct impact activity.

  • Accountability and creative problem solving:

When a business seeks online marketing services, they are not just looking for execution of activities, but they need experts in the field.

Consequently, marketing consulting is a highly effective solution for businesses to achieve success and growth.

In addition, a marketing consultancy agency can provide highly creative solutions that can add value to your internal online marketing department.

There are also many other reasons why companies turn to professional online marketing consultancy services, including:

  • Find out where money is being lost in online marketing campaigns and how to fix it,
  • you learn basic strategies you may have missed,
  • validate your current online marketing strategy,
  • find new ways to increase your sales and benefit from fresh insight.

Why online marketing consultancy from re7consulting agency?

re7consulting agency is the only German online marketing agency active on the Romanian market.

re7consulting’s online marketing consultants have more than 8 years of experience in the field, they hold In-House courses and trainings for clients from different fields of activity.

For example, these are some of the companies for which re7consulting consultants have held courses and trainings or Online Marketing workshops:

These are also some of re7consulting’s clients who have benefited from our online marketing consultancy:

And last but not least, these are some of the online marketing components we can help you with:

  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Copywriting,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Facebook Ads – LinkedIn Ads – Google Ads.

That said, you can contact us for online marketing consulting services and you will receive a customized offer based on your needs!

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