Tips and Tricks Linkedin Ads
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Tips & Tricks for LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

»LinkedIn offers increasing opportunities for professional connection and effective business promotion.

»The platform is ideal for B2B businesses, facilitating access to key decision makers in other companies.

»As a dedicated marketing agency, we are committed to not only implementing LinkedIn Ads campaigns, but building success stories for our clients.

With more and more opportunities to connect professionally and promote your business, LinkedIn is becoming a strategic choice to reach your target audience and support your company’s growth. LinkedIn is known as the “professional network” and attracts an active audience of mainly professionals, business leaders and decision makers. This makes the platform particularly suitable for B2B businesses looking to reach key decision makers in other companies.

We’ll look at why LinkedIn Ads is becoming increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs and how you can best leverage this resource to achieve your marketing goals.

1. Your business domain

For entrepreneurs involved in fields such as recruitment, software (saas) or corporate travel, this platform is becoming an essential ally in their marketing strategy.


LinkedIn Ads becomes a vibrant stage for businesses focused on recruitment, providing a unique platform to reach professionals in various industries. With advanced targeting options, you can tailor messages to attract the attention of the right candidates and promote job opportunities in a professional and interactive environment.

Software (saas):

For companies that offer software solutions (saas), LinkedIn Ads becomes the ideal ground to highlight the innovation and added value of their products. With the ability to reach key decision-makers across sectors, this platform offers the opportunity to build brand awareness and generate leads specifically interested in the software solutions you offer.

Corporate Tourism:

For corporate-oriented businesses in the tourism industry, LinkedIn Ads becomes a gateway to business travel and partnerships. With the ability to target travel managers and corporate professionals, you can promote personalized offers and exclusive perks, strengthening relationships with business clients.

2. Budget

One of the essential pillars of an effective LinkedIn Ads campaign is your budget. While the platform offers valuable opportunities for connection and promotion, the financial approach must be carefully calculated and aligned with your specific business goals.


Determining the right budget for your LinkedIn Ads campaigns requires a detailed analysis of your objectives, target market and competition. We recommend a daily budget between 100 and 200 euros to ensure a meaningful presence and maximize the impact of your campaigns. This amount allows you to cover a broad spectrum of industry professionals and increase the chances of generating quality leads.

Investment period:

An essential component of your financial strategy on LinkedIn Ads is the duration of the campaign. For significant results, it is recommended that you allocate your budget over a minimum of several months. This timeframe allows the platform to optimize your ad display algorithm, reach a wider audience and maximize the impact on your target audience.

Financial planning:

If the recommended budget is not currently available, it is essential to be realistic about expectations and prioritize proper financial planning. Instead of underfunding campaigns and achieving sub-optimal results, it may be more efficient to wait until you can allocate the necessary financial resources.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment:

Regardless of the budget allocated, it is crucial to constantly monitor campaign performance and be prepared to adjust the strategy based on the results achieved. This may involve reallocating the budget to the highest performing audience segments or adjusting the offer to better meet the needs of the audience.

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3. Time and patience in successful LinkedIn Ads campaigns

An essential aspect that requires attention in LinkedIn Ads campaigns is the time dimension and the level of patience required to see the desired results. This paradigm is not just limited to LinkedIn, but is valid in any promotion strategy, highlighting the need for a sustainable approach and realistic expectations.

Promoting a business and building an online presence are not immediate processes. Whether you use LinkedIn Ads or other marketing channels, time is a crucial factor in allowing your strategy to develop and reach its full potential. Building brand awareness, establishing relationships and generating quality leads requires an investment of time.

In the specific context of LinkedIn Ads, results don’t happen overnight. The platform requires time to optimize its algorithms and expose your ads to a relevant audience. So it’s vital to be able to financially sustain your campaigns over a longer period of time, ensuring you benefit from all the opportunities LinkedIn Ads offers.

LinkedIn Ads is not just a promotional platform, but a catalyst for B2B business success. However, to extract maximum benefits, it is essential to work with a specialist marketing agency. Such an agency brings to the equation not only the necessary knowledge, but also the ability to turn theoretical strategies into practical and tangible results.

As a dedicated marketing agency, we are committed to not only implementing LinkedIn Ads campaigns, but to building success stories for our clients’ businesses. From social media promotion to providing comprehensive marketing services, we aim to become your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of online promotion.

Our online marketing services are designed to support your unique goals and maximize the potential LinkedIn Ads offers. We understand that every business has specific needs, and our strategies are tailored to precisely meet your individual requirements.

Now, the question “What does LinkedIn do for me?” gets a solid answer: it helps you reach the right audience, strengthen professional relationships and turn leads into loyal customers. However, it’s important to have a trusted social media agency on your side to guide your steps and turn this platform into an effective tool for your business.

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