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LinkedIn promotion for B2B and B2C businesses

Today, LinkedIn has evolved into a content platform, moving from one-to-one interactions to publishing content.

The main advantage of LinkedIn Ads campaigns is the precise targeting of the audience.

Another effective B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn involves organising events dedicated to the customer segment you want to reach.

LinkedIn started as a site dedicated to people who wanted to get a job. People used it to post resumes, connect with people they already knew, and find a job through people they knew on the platform.

Then things started to change. People started interacting with other people they didn’t know. LinkedIn became an effective platform to meet new people.

Currently, LinkedIn is a content platform, with the platform recently shifting from individual interactions to content publishing.

And the organic visibility of the content is incredibly high. People post profile updates, articles and interact with each other in a business or professional context. And because this is relatively new on LinkedIn, the organic visibility is extremely high, about the same level that Facebook was at 5 – 7 years ago.

LinkedIn offers massive opportunities today, available to everyone, but especially B2B. Here’s why this marketing channel can be the most effective for your business.

The best way to grow organically on LinkedIn:

1. engagement (interacting with platform users)

2. Constant content publishing

Another effective way to promote on LinkedIn for B2B and B2C businesses is to run paid campaigns (relatively similar to Facebook Ads).

These Linkedin Ads campaigns are useful for:

  • generating qualified leads for B2B business,
  • increasing brand awareness,
  • recruitment campaigns,
  • targeting potential customers for B2C business,
  • building a personal brand.

The main advantage of LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns is that they provide more accurate targeting based on: job/department or company type.

However, this precise targeting also comes at a high cost per click in LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

LinkedIn also recently updated its platform to include a Story feature (relatively similar to Instagram Story). LinkedIn has contextualized the Story feature for the audience present on the platform.

This contextualization is necessary because people have different mindsets when using LinkedIn. People think differently when they are on different platforms.

Consuming Instagram Stories is not the same as consuming LinkedIn Stories. It’s all about context.

This doesn’t mean that the content you post on your LinkedIn profile or Stories on LinkedIn can’t be you, just that you’ll need to produce content that is more contextual and relevant to your LinkedIn audience, B2B and/or business-focused.

The LinkedIn audience is made up of an audience that is looking for efficiency in business development or information about marketing and news about their field.

Promovare LinkedIn – pot profita afacerile B2B si B2C de acest canal de marketing online?

LinkedIn has entered Facebook territory, where you can do literally anything.

For example, if you sell puppies, ice cream, t-shirts or socks – you can have a presence on LinkedIn.

Same if you’re a financial advisor, lawyer or trying to sell concrete / facades to B2B executives.

Anyone can benefit from LinkedIn promotion.

However, when you want to sell puppies using LinkedIn it is important to adapt your promotional strategy and messaging.

For example, you can say something similar to:

“Do you work at your home office more than 9 hours a day? Need a companion? Here’s a fluffy one.”.

Promotional messages on LinkedIn need to be contextual. But all businesses (B2B / B2C) should promote themselves on this platform.

Do you need an agency to promote yourself on LinkedIn?

If time allows, you are just starting out and want to test LinkedIn to see what results you can achieve on your own, then you can most likely promote yourself on LinkedIn.

However, if time doesn’t allow you to do it yourself and you want an effective LinkedIn promotion strategy, you may want to call an agency that offers LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads promotion services.

What LinkedIn promotion services does re7consulting agency offer:

  • Building LinkedIn presence – personal entrepreneur page, business page for the business, optimizing these LinkedIn profiles, showcasing products or services and branding.
  • Increasing awareness for your company / personal brand / products or services – we help you increase the visibility of your content distributed on LinkedIn.
  • Recruiting the right people for the jobs in the company – LinkedIn is one of the best recruitment tools for companies.
  • LinkedIn Ads promotion campaigns for lead generation.
  • Content marketing plan – we use a mix of posts, photos, video content, articles and case studies.
  • Writing and publishing articles/posts on LinkedIn – we offer full LinkedIn presence management services.

That being said, let’s introduce you to some LinkedIn promotion strategies for B2B and B2C businesses:

  1. The $1.80 strategy presented by Gary Vaynerchuk:

Interacting with other people will put you in a position where you become part of the LinkedIn community. There are a few ways to do this.

The $1.80 strategy is to find a total of 90 posts made on LinkedIn by other users every day. These posts must be relevant to your business and leave your “two cents” (your opinion) in the comments section.

This results in the following calculation: 90 posts x 0.02 (your comments) = $1.8.

The key to the success of this strategy is that you cannot leave spam comments.

You need to consume the content you will interact with in the comments, think about it and post a useful comment on each of the 90 posts in order to attract the attention of other LinkedIn platform users who will see those posts.

On LinkedIn it is relatively easy to promote yourself organically because it will be super easy to find content to interact with.

You can start by following people and publications relevant to your field. You will see their posts in your feed.

You can also search for hashtags or groups dedicated to your industry and check the posts shared through them.

  • Organize physical events promoted using LinkedIn:

Another effective B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn is to organize events dedicated to the type of customers you want to target.

You can find event participants by contacting people individually, targeting a LinkedIn Ads campaign to specific locations or companies and even by organic promotion of the event to benefit from the organic visibility mentioned earlier in the article.

  • Publish and promote videos or a niche podcast:

In prezent, producerea si publicarea de continut pe LinkedIn este o oportunitate uriasa pentru orice afacere B2B sau B2C.

The easiest way to promote LinkedIn through video/audio content is to make a video show that can be promoted in micro-content chunks on LinkedIn.

This video show can also be published in full on YouTube, thus trying to target certain keywords searched on the platform or on Google by potential customers.

At the same time, the video content of this show can also be turned into podcasts that can be promoted through LinkedIn posts and articles.

Within this strategy, an important aspect to remember is that you have to be the “TV show”, not the “commercials” running during commercial breaks.

That said, if you have questions about promoting your business on LinkedIn, specialists in Social Media services at re7consulting are at your disposal.

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