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SEO trends for 2024

■ SEO remains essential in a world of rapid change and constant updates to algorithms and online behaviour.

■ Recent trends such as SGE, zero-click search, AEO, topical authority, video SEO and content re-purposing reinforce the importance of SEO in 2024.

■ Adopting an SEO strategy means adapting to change, understanding consumer behavior and constantly adjusting for sustainable online success.

The year 2024 promises to be a year of remarkable change. As artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerate their growth, search engines, especially Google, engage in a continuous process of evolution to deliver more accurate and relevant results to users. If you’re also looking for information on SEO marketing trends for this year, you’ve come to the right place!

This article passionately explores the key directions that SEO will follow in 2024 and reveals how they can positively influence your SEO strategies. If you’re involved in SEO or own a business and want to stay up to date with the latest trends – and want to find out what SEO is for entrepreneurs, we invite you to read on to discover useful tips and tricks that will bring you success this year.

Right now, you’ll learn how you can optimize your site to meet the new Google Search Engine Experience (SGE) requirements and how to adapt to the rise of zero-click searches. Plus, you’ll discover the secrets of Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) and why topical authority is becoming increasingly essential in SEO strategies. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, learn how to effectively integrate video content into your SEO strategy and how to keep your content up-to-date and relevant by continually refreshing your pages.

1. Search Generative Experience (SGE)

What you need to know:

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) represents a major shift in the way users interact with search engines.

SGE brings with it artificial intelligence-generated results, occupying top positions in search engine results pages and fundamentally changing the way users interact with information online. This innovation stands out by providing clear and concise answers, improving the user experience by providing relevant and accessible information. Despite the fact that it is still too early to develop a specific strategy for the EMS, the focus on providing direct and comprehensive answers to users’ questions is a crucial step to remain relevant and anticipate future changes. Careful analysis of how SGE generates results and adapting content strategies based on these observations are essential in preparing for this significant evolution in the SEO world.

How to prepare:

Although it’s still early days for optimizing content specifically for SGE, focus on providing direct and complete answers to users’ questions. Analyze how SGE generates results and adapt your content strategy accordingly.

2. Zero clicks for searches

What you need to know:

Another significant SEO trend for 2024 is the rise of zero-click searches, where users get the information they want directly from search engine results pages (SERPs) without clicking on any specific results. This evolution is supported by improvements to SERPs, such as knowledge panels and direct conversion tools, which deliver essential information directly, eliminating the need to navigate websites. In this age of instant access to information, it is essential for SEO strategies to adapt to users’ increased behaviour of getting answers without leaving the SERP.

How to prepare:

To cope with this trend, an effective approach is to get featured snippets for relevant keywords. Featured snippets are those sections of text that are highlighted in the SERP as direct answers to user queries. By focusing efforts on optimizing content for these snippets, you not only increase the likelihood of getting clicks, but you also strengthen brand recognition. In a world where fast access to information is paramount, adapting to the demands of zero-click searches becomes essential to maintaining relevance and visibility online.

3. Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)

What you need to know:

Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) focuses on optimizing content for response engines, such as ChatGPT or Google SGE. AEO prioritizes immediate and concise answers to user queries.

This approach focuses on optimising content for answer engines, such as ChatGPT or Google’s Search Engine Experience (SGE), which provides automatically generated answers at the top of results pages.

The essence of AEO is to prioritize immediate and concise answers to user queries, with an emphasis on facilitating quick and efficient access to information. Implementing an AEO strategy requires a proactive approach to content creation, structured around the frequently asked questions of the target audience. It is crucial to use keyword research to identify relevant terms for the questions and to incorporate them strategically into the content.

How to prepare:

Implement an AEO strategy by creating clear and concise content structured around users’ frequently asked questions. Use a keyword research tool to identify relevant keywords and topical questions and create unique, quality content.

4. Focus on topical authority

What you need to know:

This concept is not only about achieving a high level of visibility, but also about highlighting clear expertise on certain topics in the eyes of search engines and users.

Search engines, in their constant quest to provide the most relevant and useful results, pay particular attention to content that demonstrates a deep understanding and expertise in a particular field. Thus, to prepare for developments in 2024, it is essential to focus your efforts on creating comprehensive and expert content on specific topics.

How to prepare:

Develop comprehensive and expert content on specific topics, build a catalogue of related content, using a group of topics to guide user navigation and authoritative distribution. Integrate into your strategy what are called topic clusters (create a main topic called a pillar that is connected with several subtopics on the same topic called clusters).
Read more about Topic clusters

5. SEO Video

What you need to know:

Video content is becoming increasingly important in SEO, with millions of people consuming such content. A crucial aspect of preparing for this trend is using keyword research tools to identify relevant terms that will help increase the visibility of your videos. This includes optimising the titles, descriptions and tags of videos to make them more accessible and propel them up the search engine rankings.

How to prepare:

Careful planning of video content is also essential to align with your overall content strategy. Each video should support the overall goals of the site and provide value to the audience. The fact that users increasingly prefer video content presents a golden opportunity to connect with them in a deeper and more memorable way.

6. Repurposing existing content

What you need to know:

The increasing speed of content makes it necessary to regularly refresh existing content to maintain relevance. This not only involves updating data, but also ensuring alignment with user intent and compliance with SEO standards.

How to prepare:

To prepare for this trend, it is essential to implement an ongoing process of reviewing and optimizing existing content. Analyse the performance of your pages and identify content that could benefit from updates or extensions. Finally, make sure that the information provided is up to date and that the content strategy is aligned with industry developments and changes in user behaviour.

By taking a proactive approach to content refresh, you not only maintain relevance in the eyes of search engines, but also provide users with up-to-date and quality information.

7. Evolving ranking factors
What you need to know:

Search engine ranking factors are evolving towards trusted content, providing the best response to user queries. The intention is to provide accurate results and information from credible sources.

However, the complex landscape of ranking factors and their importance is constantly changing.

According to a Statista survey of over 3,500 SEO professionals, the top three emerging factors for global search rankings are:

Machine Learning/AI (11.3%): The emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a driving force in shaping search results. Search engines are adopting advanced technologies to better understand user intent and provide more relevant results.
Core Web Vitals (10.8%): Site performance, accessibility and user experience are becoming priorities, and factors such as page load, interactivity and stability are becoming critical for ranking in search results.
E-E-A-T and Trusted Sources (10.2%): Expertise, authority and trust in the content presented are becoming increasingly essential. Together with trusted sources, these elements directly influence rankings, directing search engines towards authentic and well-founded content.
This evolution of ranking factors is driven by the desire to provide accurate search results that not only accurately answer users’ questions, but also provide valuable information from credible sources. It is essential to adapt SEO strategies to reflect these trends and ensure a strong and relevant presence in the ever-changing online environment.

How to prepare:

Focus on providing the best user experience through useful and accurate content. Develop content that demonstrates deep knowledge and domain expertise. Don’t forget about optimizing the site’s loading speed as this is an important factor that keeps users on the site, reducing abandonment rates.

At the end of this article we have to ask ourselves this question: “Is SEO still worth it in 2024?”

The answer remains unequivocal: ABSOLUTELY. SEO continues to play an essential role in digital marketing this year, representing the anchor that ensures visibility in search engine results and generates organic traffic.

Although methodologies may evolve and technologies may change rapidly, the need for search engine optimization persists in a world of constant algorithm updates and changes in online user behavior.

So, with developments such as Google’s Search Engine Experience (SGE), zero-click searches, search engine optimization (SEO), focus on topical authority, video SEO and content retargeting, SEO is not only worthwhile, but becoming more important than ever.

Adopting an SEO strategy in 2024 means embracing these trends, understanding changes in consumer behaviour and constantly adapting your approach to ensure sustainable online success. In conclusion, SEO is not just worth it – it is the key to staying relevant, visible and competitive in a perpetually changing digital environment.

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