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SEO advertorials: does it help to publish paid articles for SEO?

One of the important elements in an SEO strategy to get results islink building. Building a backlink profile is, incidentally, the main reason why SEO specialists opt to publish SEO advertorials.

However, building this qualitative backlink profile is not as easy a process as some might think.

In this article we will explain how things work, what advertorials are, what native advertising means and many other things that can help you build an effective backlink profile on your own.

1. What are SEO advertorial articles?

No matter the size of your business, a well-thought-out SEO promotion plan is key to online success.

Well, on the one hand…

An SEO advertorial is an article published online with the purpose of attracting quality backlinks to the promoted website.

And on the other hand…

The term “SEO advertorials” is used to describe the online publication of paid articles on SEO-relevant blogs and websites.

Publishing paid articles (advertorials) helps you provide useful educational content in various forms – opinions, interviews, press releases, etc. – to potential customers of a product or service.

Advertisements are considered “Paid Media” (advertising space costs).

Why use this type of promotion on blogs and websites?

Potential customers of a business can be converted into customers directly through these articles and indirectly through the impact they have on the site.

Practically, in such an advertorial, a business can present its products or services in a creative way to potential customers and get quality backlinks on relevant keywords from relevant sites (in the same industry and with SEO authority – DA, PA, CF, TF, etc.).

Using paid articles (SEO advertorials) as part of your SEO strategy is the ideal solution for placing a business’s website among the top organic results in Google.


2. What are the objectives of paid advertorials?

To achieve top SEO results, every site needs a backlink profile.

The strategy of publishing SEO advertorials is the most effective and simple way to get the backlinks needed to increase the authority and credibility of a site.

Also, unlike any other type of Paid Media advertisements, advertorials can be read by potential customers at any time, they remain published on sites for an indefinite period.

The great advantage of this type of SEO strategy is that you pay once and benefit from permanent ROI from the paid articles, whether they are SEO advertorials on blogs or in news sites (online press in Romania or in the international space).

In 99% of cases, SEO advertorials are used to support a company’s online marketing activities.

Published articles can be used to: launch a product or service, promote an online or offline event and even promote a CSR campaign.

Paid articles are also useful for a Start Up by highlighting the mission and differentiating the startup from competitors in the market.

As you can see, advertorials can be much more than just creative copy thrown up on a few sites that haven’t been carefully vetted.

3. What does an SEO Advertorial campaign consist of?

When using SEO optimization services, you will need to make sure that paid articles are only distributed on high quality, authoritative and trafficked sites.

The re7consulting agency constantly collaborates with bloggers, national and local news sites or quality online publications for the distribution of paid articles.

Also, in an SEO campaign where the focus is on buying advertorials, you will need to make sure that the texts published are unique, quality and provide potential customers with useful or relevant information about the product or service being promoted.

Do you need an article and advertorial campaign? We can provide you with a marketing tool that will give you a major and indisputable advantage over your competition.

The SEO advertorials distributed by re7consulting agency are addressed to a well-targeted audience, are distributed on the right websites, provide useful information to potential customers and convince them to visit the websites we promote.

Whether you have a showcase website or an online store, whether you’re a well-known brand or a newly launched brand, our team can help you get your business to the top of Google’s organic results by publishing quality SEO advertorials on local websites, news sites and niche blogs.

We consistently offer SEO article writing services, articles with carefully researched and structured content according to the needs of the business being promoted.

Do you want your business, product or service to be visible online?

Contact us for the implementation of an advertorial campaign on any local website, online publication, portal or blog in Romania and International.

But wait, that’s not all. Do you know what native advertising is and how it can help your business grow?

4. What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is that type of promotion in which the advertising message is delivered to potential customers in a contextual form (similar/native) to the rest of the content on the website where the advertisement is published.

In native advertising, the focus is on context and consistency between the advertising message and the site delivering the content to potential customers.

Ok, all well and good so far, but we’re sure you’re already wondering: “why work with you?”. Here are a few reasons:

  • We are the only online marketing and SEO agency in Germany working on the Romanian market.
  • Although we have only 5 years on the Romanian market, we rely on a team with a combined experience of over 12 years in implementing SEO, Content Writing and Copywriting services.
  • You will benefit from the most efficient SEO services on the Romanian market and a creative team.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow.

Article written by Stoian Ciprian, founder & owner One Media X Group, SEO partner of re7consulting Romania.


What are advertorials?

The term advertorial was formed by combining the words: advertisement + editorial content. In other words, advertorials are editorial advertising articles placed contextually on websites and blogs relevant to the audience and keywords targeted in a website’s SEO optimization campaign.

What is the difference between an advertorial and other types of articles?

The term “article” is a word that is used consistently to describe any type of text presented in a publication, on a website or on a blog. This category includes news, blog posts, press releases, editorials or advertorials. Each of these has different objectives!

What are the benefits of an SEO advertorial?

Advertisements can increase a brand’s online visibility and credibility. Both of these things are achieved at the same time as increasing the rankings in Google’s organic results for the keywords targeted in the SEO campaign. An advertorial can also give potential customers access to valuable free information!

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