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Facebook is considering hiding the number of Likes

Facebook has officially announced that it is considering removing the number of reactions to posts on the platform.

The platform’s strategy aims to shift the focus away from the number of reactions, as a metric of the popularity of posts, and towards published content, a change already adopted in seven countries for the Instagram platform.

Facebook officials provided the information to the TechCrunch publication, but didn’t give more details.

facebook removes number of likes from posts

Not only does Facebook want to remove the number of likes, the Meta platform wants to extend this to Instagram as well, making it possible to set ”hide the number of likes and views”.

To make this setting, you need to:

  1. Go into the Instagram app and then access your own profile;
  2. Then click on the Menu button on the top right (the 3 horizontal lines) and then click on Settings;
  3. In the next step, you need to go to Privacy and then Posts, respectively Privacy and then Posts;
  4. Last step, you need to check the Hide Like and View Counts setting.

In the case of business profiles, we do not recommend hiding the number of likes because this figure can be an influencing factor for other potential consumers. If you want to approach a marketing strategy that will bring you sales but also a lot of reactions on your Facebook and Instagram page, you can contact us at the phone number found on our page and we will help you with the best Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads strategy suitable and focused on your business.

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