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Bookclub: “The Buying Brain” – A.K. Pradeep

Hello! Welcome back to re7BookClub, our bi-monthly book review column.

In today’s review I’ll be talking about the volume “The Buying Brain. Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind” by Dr. A.K.Pradeep.

If this book sounds promising to you, you can order it HERE.

Come and see what this book is all about! For starters, though…

Imagine your company is spending thousands of euros on an advertising campaign to sell your product or service. Your company has invested heavily in this campaign, but the ads have failed to generate the results you expected.

Was it bad timing for the campaign? Was your product or service not properly aligned for the market requirements? Did you choose the wrong distribution channels?

Or, even more simply: did your ads fail because you used an approach that failed to attract the attention of your target audience?

Why marketing campaigns fail
What is neuromarketing and why is it important in business
How neuromarketing impacts your business

In the next 3 minutes, you’ll understand:

What is neuromarketing?

Brain research is a fascinating science that helps you understand the things that really motivate your customers.

Findings show that the human mind is not static or homogeneous. Although we are similar in many ways, we differ considerably in other aspects.

Male and female brains typically respond to different stimuli, and the brains of older people differ from those of a teenager, thus understanding why neuromarketing might have helped the business in the above scenario predict that advertising campaign would fail.

Why is neuromarketing important in business?

The author explores in the first part of the book how people respond differently to positive or negative, external or internal stimuli depending on age, gender or social status, using simple language with a layout that makes it easy to scan information.

The author notes that women control 80% of discretionary spending in the United States and devotes two full chapters – The Female Brain Buys and The Mommy Brain Buys – to exploring the unique aspects of the female brain.

Fascinating and highly useful information for both companies and marketing agencies is presented.

Another interesting aspect found in the book is that messages targeting older people should contain positive terms.

On the other hand, while men appreciate short, direct, concise calls to action, women like stories, experiences and networking opportunities through your brand.

In addition, it’s good to know that men respond to price and women respond to the person who introduces them to a particular product or service.

Why do marketing campaigns fail?

  • Concepts and details are based on the expressed intentions of potential consumers and not on their subconscious responses.
  • The novelty brought into the lives of your consumers is not very clearly highlighted.
  • The deep emotional benefits that the product brings to your customers’ lives are not highlighted enough.
  • The innovative concept is not appealed to.
  • Product or packaging features do not rise to the level of the competition.
  • The product or service is not emotionally connected to the brand.

How does neuromarketing impact your business?

However, what really makes this book worth reading are the connections Dr. Pradeep makes in the second half of his book, where he outlines a systematic process that can be used in conjunction with our emerging understanding of brain science to create truly effective advertising campaigns and consumer engagement.

For example, he outlines a framework, called the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). This can be used to isolate the highly brain-evoking experience points of a customer when they interact with your product or service, and explains how this information can be used to drive consumers to want and seek out your product.

Pradeep provides a wealth of information that can be used by almost any company to improve their marketing and advertising.

However, one downside to some of the strategies in Pradeep’s book is that some of the “neurometrics” he recommends – such as TCE studies or his company’s “Deep Subconscious Response” methodology – would be too expensive for a small business.

In my opinion, The Buying Brain is a must read for anyone with responsibility for marketing, advertising and packaging.

The insider’s view of neuromarketing in action is interesting, and the specific, actionable advice makes it a good addition to any marketing shelf.

If you find the information in this book useful for your projects, you can order it HERE.

All the best!

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