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Top Practices for a Successful Visual in Google Display Ads

■ In Google Ads Display ads, avoid information overload for maximum effectiveness.

■ Creating successful visuals requires attention to detail and adaptation to platform requirements.

■ Correct size choices, respect of brand identity and optimisation of action buttons are essential for noticeable results in advertising campaigns.

When it comes to creating a visual for promotion in Google Ads Display, the temptation to load the banner with as much information as possible is often present. However, excess can have the opposite effect, which is why we spoke to our design specialists to identify the most effective strategies for a successful Google Ads Display campaign.

Choosing the right sizes

There are over 20 different sizes for Google Ads Display visuals. By focusing on past performance, we can identify the sizes that have performed best and create visuals tailored to each size. Quality and adaptability to different screens is the key to success.

A distinctive logo, a valuable tagline and an action button are the essential elements for an effective banner in Google Ads Display campaigns.

Use brand colours for impact and recognition

In the absence of a brand map, the study of colours that adapt to different screens and devices is essential. Design specialists stress the importance of colour palettes to strengthen brand recognition. Taking Coca Cola or Pepsi as examples, they highlight how colour becomes synonymous with the brand, underlining the need to keep the same consistency for their customers.

Choosing the right font for easy reading

In terms of font, the recommendation is an easy-to-read one, avoiding calligraphic styles or those that are difficult to read. Fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are particularly important for fluent readability for an effective message. Also, in the case of brands with strictly defined brand rules, compliance with these rules is mandatory.

Banner text and minimalist design

For banner text, the focus is on brevity and minimalism. Our digital marketing agency specialists recommend using a single impactful message, avoiding overloading the visual with text that can become tiresome for users. Minimalism, in this sense, brings significant results, replacing dense information with powerful and relevant messages.

Using brand maps

The use of brand colours and distinctive elements is essential for increasing brand awareness. Integrating the logo into visuals, avoiding white space, adding a border and using an easy-to-read and simple font are essential strategies to make the visuals memorable and brand-related.

Call-to-Action (CTA) optimization

The key element of interaction with the visual is the action button. The text in the button and the message in the banner should be concise and engaging, encouraging users to take a specific action. A well-defined and visible CTA can maximize click-through rates and conversions.

Final Tips

Test different variations of visuals to identify the most effective.
Monitor and analyse the performance of your visuals to make necessary adjustments.
Constantly adapt to changes and new trends to keep campaigns relevant and engaging for your audience.
Creating a successful visual for Google Ads Display doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require attention to detail and adaptation to the platform’s requirements. Choosing the right sizes, respecting the visual identity of the brand and optimizing CTAs are essential elements to achieve outstanding results in advertising campaigns.

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