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[Case Study] Stift Lux Design – Google Ads

How we generated 236 sales in just 3 months through Google Ads


The biggest challenge was the nature of the business and the cost of the products being promoted.

As we are talking about selling aluminium gates and fences online, the marketing strategy was based on keywords as
relevant keywords and promotion of the product catalogue.


Our strategy has been to create campaigns with no end date, to let the algorithm run the campaigns uninterrupted, without intervention.

We integrated several types of campaigns from Google Ads: Search, Display, Shopping, Perfomance Max. The campaigns aimed to attract new
customers and bring in new sales.
The campaigns that brought the best results were the Performance Max campaigns, where we got 140 sales, at a cost of 71 lei per purchase.

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In a period of 3 months of collaboration we reached over 3,700,000 views and generated 236 sales with an average cost of 101 RON per sale.







101 RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating sales

> Improvement of the conversion rate

The PPC strategy was based on

> Relevant keywords

> Dynamic Search

> Promoting the offers

> Testing different visuals

Other targets used

> Shopping, Search, Display, Performance Max

E-Platform Used

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