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[Case Study] SKIA Residence – Meta Ads

How we generated 829 leads at a cost of 140 RON in 3 months



The biggest challenge in creating the marketing strategy was creating relevant, high revenue audiences.

The objective of the campaigns was to generate leads, users who were asking for information and who wanted to schedule a viewing.



The strategy was based on a funnel created on different objectives and the testing of
different audiences to determine if the budget investment in campaigns is effective and can be optimised. We invested 30% of the budget in visibility campaigns and 70% in conversion and lead generation campaigns.
As the whole campaign was set on a limited location (Bucharest + surroundings), we took care to explore new targeting directions to avoid displaying ads to people already in the funnel. Daily monitoring of the campaigns and a close relationship with our partner helped us to understand if the leads generated were relevant.

Weekly reporting has given us insights into campaign performance and this is the reason behind successful campaigns.

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With a monthly budget of 38,000 RON we reached more than 2 million people, each seeing the ad about 6 times. In 3 months we managed to get 829 leads, with an average cost of 140 RON / lead.







140 RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating quality leads

The PPC strategy was based on

> Promoting the offers

> Testing different visuals

Other objectives

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic

Lead Generation

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