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[Case Study] Prima Residence Oradea – Meta Ads

TARGETED OBJECTIVES: lead generation and increasing brand visibility in the digital ecosystem

Prima Residence is the largest real estate developer in Oradea, with a history of reference in the field of civil and urban construction and, last but not least, on the residential market.

The company bears the imprint of the European spirit and this is mainly due to the Romanian-German partnership that supports this approach to German-style construction.


The main objectives included by our partner were to get as much visibility as possible in the online environment and to generate potential customers ready to purchase an apartment.

Concrete. The objectives targeted were:

  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Minimum of 10 qualified leads per month to schedule an apartment viewing


The challenges we faced in the first phase were:

  • Create an effective marketing mix on a framework to test the best campaigns on the two objectives
  • Creating the demographic and psychographic profile of the ideal client
  • Planning creative requirements, drafting sales messages and creating high quality visuals for PPC campaigns


The strategic approach followed two directions:

  • The first direction was to maximize the level of exposure of the brand in social media, along with the unique advantages that Prima Residence Oradea apartments offered, and then to run a retargeting campaign on the audience exposed to ads.
  • The second direction was the implementation of a Lead Generation campaign (with on-site conversion) to test the direct interest of the audience in purchasing an apartment in one of Prima’s residential complexes. In this case, we were also going to run a retargeting campaign among the audience that interacted in one way or another with the ads

Following the analysis made among the audience, we determined that the marketing strategy will be mainly Business to Customer, that’s why we decided that Facebook and Instagram platforms will be the main marketing channels that we will approach, and the audience will be directed to the client’s website.


The first step in implementing the marketing plan was to optimize the Facebook and Instagram accounts to align them with the marketing goals. To this end, we:

  • We have restructured the existing Call to Action information and areas on the two accounts to maximize potential customer contact with Prima Residence representatives.
  • We optimized the visual exposure of the brand on the two accounts to increase the trust of potential customers and give a premium aura, in line with the main advantages attached to the apartments for sale.

The second step was to set up the ad management platforms and install tracking codes. In this respect, the work covered:

  • Business Manager account optimization – responsible for campaign management on Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Google Analytics account optimization – responsible for managing traffic volume, audience specifics and visitor behavior on the site.
  • Installation of the Facebook Pixel – responsible for cross-platform tracking of potential customers, setting custom conversions and aggregating campaign data for the purpose of retargeting campaign implementation


Based on the established strategy, the marketing plan took the form of setting up two separate campaigns to run in parallel on both Facebook and Instagram.

BUDGET: 750 Euro

Brand Awareness Campaign – with the main objective of increasing brand awareness.


  • Broad
  • Local (Oradea and surrounding areas)
  • Men and Women
  • Age 26 – 45 years

Content type:

  • Photo
  • Video


  • Reach
  • Impresions
  • Frequency

Lead Generation Campaign – with the objective of increasing traffic to the site.


  • Local (Oradea and surrounding areas)
  • Men and Women
  • Age 26 – 45 years
  • Interests: relevant to the campaign objective

Tipuri de continut:

  • Photo


  • Interactions
  • Clicks
  • Leads

Ads examples:













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