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[Case Study] Potcoava – LinkedIn Ads

How we grew the LinkedIn page to over 1,000 followers in 3 months through LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn is the most difficult social media platform to promote.
The challenges we faced in the campaign process were creating the ideal consumer profile for our ads to reach them and devising a content plan to get people’s attention.


Our strategy was based on integrating a mix of objectives and creating the right audiences to reach the target group. The visuals were provided to us by the client, who made them under our guidance, based on competitive analysis and market trends.
As a paid marketing plan, we mainly had Interaction campaigns, through which we got the desired followers. We studied the ideal customer profile and created audiences according to it. The campaigns ran throughout Romania.
For organic growth, we established a content plan together with the client. We posted frequently on the page and distributed all the posts for increase visibility.

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In a period of just 3 months, we managed to grow our LInkedIn page from 600 to over 1,000 followers. Through paid campaigns, we managed to reach 317,000 impressions and achieved a CTR of 3.83%.








Main marketing goals

> Increase brand visibility and page followers

The PPC strategy was based on

> Geolocation targeting

>  Testing the market

> Testing different types of content

Other targets used

> Reach, interactions

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