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[Case Study] Oriflame Romania – Google Ads

How we generated an ROAS of 49 in 6 months through Google Ads


The biggest challenge was promoting a large volume of products from each catalogue launched and generating Oriflame Brand Partners.

Once every 21 days, Oriflame launches its new catalogue and this means creating a complex strategy to generate the best results.


Our strategy was to integrate Search, Display and Performance Max campaigns, as well as structuring ad groups for each service promoted. The goal was to keep the promotional offers in the minds of potential customers, thus managing to reach, maintain and even exceed the performance target.

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In the last 6 months we spent 47,531 RON and obtained 912,855 visits, 238,973 clicks / interactions, 12,509 conversions, an average cost per click of 0.20 lei and a total revenue of 2,368,908 RON, ROAS of 49 and a conversion rate of 5.23 %.



47,500 RON





Main marketing goals

> Improving the conversion rate

> Generating sales

The PPC strategy was based on

> Relevant keywords

> Dynamic Search

> Testing different visuals

> Promoting the offers

Other targets used

> Shopping, Search, Display, Performance Max

E-Platform Used:

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