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[Case Study] ONE United Properties – Google Ads

How we increased conversions by 483% on Google Ads in 3 months



Our challenge was to create a strategy to efficiently allocate budgets to Google networks, maintain performance targets by managing budgets and find an effective solution for promoting campaigns through Google Ads services.



Our strategy was to integrate Search, Display and Performance Max campaigns, as well as structuring ad groups for each service promoted. The goal was to keep the promotional offers in the minds of potential customers, thus managing to reach, maintain and even exceed the performance target.

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In a 3 month period, we decreased costs by 43%, increased the number of impressions by 81% and decreased the cost per click by 68%. We also increased conversions by 483%, decreased cost by almost 2 times and increased conversion rate by 222%.








Main marketing goals

> Generating leads

> Improvement of the conversion rate

The PPC strategy was based on

> Performance Max

> Dynamic Search

> Display Campaigns

> Search Campaigns

Other targets used

> Create a funnel for conversions and target audiences accordingly

E-Platform Used

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