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[Case Study] OhVaz – Meta Ads

How ohvaz.ro achieved a 185% increase in Meta Ads revenue



Working with ohvaz.ro has been and continues to be a challenge. First of all, the account history was not very promising with very high cost per conversion (sale) and very low ROAS (revenue divided by advertising cost).

Secondly, the average cost of the shopping cart is under 100 lei, which makes it even more difficult to find the right audience, spending as little budget as possible in promotional channels.



Our strategy was to integrate all the objectives of the Business Manager. We created a funnel that users went through. Traffic campaigns were used to generate new traffic to the site, and conversion campaigns were split into ad sets with different visuals (carousel, image, video).

To generate sales it is important to focus on products that generate revenue, but also on lesser known products. Our strategy split the budget so that we could promote the best-selling products (raspberry chia + banana oats + chia nuts), but at the same time test the promotion of new products.

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In the first 3 months of the collaboration we generated over 803 sales. Compared to the last 3 months before the collaboration with our agency, there were 281 sales. Also, the revenue generated by our strategy in the first 3 months was 109,561 lei, while with the previous 3 months it was 38,233 RON.







109K RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating sales

The PPC strategy was based on

> Geolocation targeting

> Testing the market

> Promoting the offers

> Testing different visuals

Other targets used

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic

Lead Generation

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