Laboratorul naturii - coffee marketing case study
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[Case Study] Laboratorul Naturii – Meta Ads

How we got over 700 sales in just 5 months through Meta Ads


Collaboration with Laboratorul Naturii is a continuous challenge.
First of all, the history of the account was not very promising with a very high cost per conversion (sale) and a very low ROAS (revenue value divided by the cost of advertising).< br>Secondly, the products they sell: tea, coffee – are at a rather high price, and this can slow down sales.


Our strategy was to integrate all the objectives in Business Manager. I created a funnel that users went through. Traffic campaigns were used to generate new traffic on the site, conversion and catalog campaigns were divided into ad sets with different visuals: carousel, image.
To generate sales it is important to focus on products that generate income . Our strategy divided the budget so that we promote the best-selling products (coffee), but at the same time test the promotion of other less sold products (tea).

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In the first 5 months after the collaboration, we generated over 713 sales.
Also, the revenues generated by our strategy were over 130.00 lei, with a ROAS of 3.71.


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Main marketing objectives

> Sales generation

> ROAS min 2.5 and CPA 50 lei

The PPC strategy was based

> Geolocation targeting

> Audience testing

> Promotion of offers

> Testing different visuals

Other lenses used

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic


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