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[Case Study] Krenzer – Meta Ads

How we generated over 150 leads at a cost of 4 euros per lead in 30 days



The biggest challenge in creating the marketing strategy was creating relevant audiences. The objective of the campaigns was to generate leads, users asking for information and wanting to apply for the job of carpenter in Germany. The requirements were that people had experience in this field and knew German at a basic conversational level.



The strategy was based on creating an engagement campaign. This campaign is Special Category: Employment, i.e. the audience setting is not very permissive in terms of gender. Therefore, the main focus was the visuals, which we created.
The entire budget was invested in the lead generation campaign to get as many people interested in the job as possible. The campaign ran all over Romania, for English and German speaking people with relevant interests.
The daily monitoring of the campaigns and the close relationship with our partner helped us to understand if the leads generated were relevant.
We took care of contacting all leads obtained from the campaigns to qualify them for the next interviews with our partner.

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In the 30 days of campaigning and interviewing, we reached over 58,000 people and generated 152 leads, of which 12 qualified for further interviews. Our partner was able to reach their goal of hiring 3 ideal people for the job.


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4,16 €

Main marketing objectives

> Lead generation

> Relevant leads

> Lowest cost per lead

The PPC strategy was based on

> Geolocation targeting > Job promotion

> Audience testing > Testing different visuals

Targets used

> Website Leads

Lead Generation

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