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[Case Study] Editura Katartis – Meta Ads

How we generated over 1,100 sales with an ROAS of 3.54 in just 3 months through Meta Ads


The biggest challenge has been promoting products that are found at a much lower price on competitor sites.

Katartis sells children’s books and its partner, elefant.ro, sells the same books but at much lower prices.


Our strategy was to create campaigns with offers for a short period of time, up to 5 days.

Visibility and traffic campaigns were always active on the account to gather a base of people. These people were later retargeted in one-off campaigns with prepared offers.

Over the course of 30 days, we would run 3-4 different offers for all series of books.

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In a 3-month period of collaboration, we generated over 1,100 sales. The revenue generated by our strategy in the 3 months was 165,176 RON, with an ROAS of 3.54.







165K RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating sales

The PPC strategy was based on

> Geolocation targeting

> Testing the market

> Promoting the offers

> Testing different visuals

Other targets used

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic

Lead Generation

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