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[Case Study] Clinica Altezza – Meta Ads

How we generated 600 appointments at a cost of 25 RON per appointment



In the field of medical aesthetics the biggest challenge is to integrate all services into a relevant marketing strategy. Also the budgeting of the campaigns was done on a structured basis to promote the large number of services. Another challenge was to increase the relevance of the audience to bring quality programming.



The marketing strategy was based on our partner’s needs and we chose the right targets for each service we promoted. Creating a funnel by objectives and service types helped us to have control over the campaigns. For example, the Brand Awareness campaign aimed to promote the Altezza clinic and body treatments offer, and the Lead Generation campaign aimed to promote other services.

In 3 months of collaboration, we created 19 campaigns, 41 audiences and 64 visual combinations. Daily monitoring of the campaigns and a close relationship with our partner helped us understand the quality of the leads. Weekly reporting gave us insights into the performance of the campaigns and this is the reason behind successful campaigns.

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The campaign ran for 3 months (March 2022 – May 2022) and we obtained 600 leads at a cost of 25 RON per lead. The ads were seen by over 100k users and over 500k views.







25 RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating quality leads

The PPC strategy was based on

> Testing the market

>  Geolocation targeting

> Testing different visuals

> Promoting the offers

Other targets used

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic

Lead Generation

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