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∣ Case Study ∣ Donau Saat – Google Ads

How I generated over 600 conversions in Google in 3 months

▌Why us?

In today’s digital world, online visibility can make the difference between success and anonymity. As an experienced online marketing agency , re7consulting has proven that Google Ads services can generate remarkable results even for brands just starting out.

The story of Donau Saat’s collaboration with re7consulting is a success story, illustrating the power of digital marketing when executed with skill and dedication. In just three months, our team was able to generate over 600 conversions through Google Ads, transforming Donau Saat from a newcomer into a contender to be reckoned with in the agricultural seeds market.

▌About the brand

Donau Saat is not just a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural seeds. It is a company that understands the challenges facing modern farmers and offers innovative solutions to overcome them. With a diversified range of products, from certified organic seeds to niche crops such as flax, buckwheat or poppy, Donau Saat positions itself as a reliable partner for farmers looking to optimize their production and profitability.

In an ever-changing agricultural market, Donau Saat has recognized the importance of adaptability. Their offer includes not only traditional crops, but also profitable alternatives that can diversify farmers’ incomes. This innovative approach put Donau Saat in a unique position in the market, but they needed an equally innovative marketing strategy to publicize their offer.

▌Challenge and analysis

When Donau Saat turned to our Google Ads services, the challenge was twofold. On the one hand, we needed to increase the visibility of a new brand in a well-established market. On the other hand, we needed a strategy that would generate not just visibility, but concrete conversions – enquiries, form completions and phone calls.

As an online marketing agency, we started with an in-depth analysis of the Romanian agricultural market, farmers’ online behavior and competitors’ strategies. We identified the niche opportunities offered by Donau Saat’s unique products and developed a customized Google Ads strategy, aimed to maximize the impact of every penny invested in advertising.

To measure the success of the campaigns, we set relevant KPIs such as:

✔ Increasing the visibility of a new brand on the market.

✔Generate conversions (requests for quotation, filling in forms, phone calls)

✔Efficient allocation of marketing budgets

▌Campaign strategy

Our strategy was based on the harmonious integration of Search and Performance Max campaigns, two powerful tools in the Google Ads arsenal. We structured specific ad groups for each product and service offered by Donau Saat, ensuring that the right message reached the right audience at the right time.

Monthly, we created promotion plans tailored to seasonal offers, allocating budgets and selecting relevant keywords for each campaign. This flexible approach allowed us to stay relevant and competitive, regardless of changes in the market or competitor actions.

As a Google Ads agency, we put a strong emphasis on continuous campaign optimization. We closely monitor the performance of each ad and ad group, adjusting strategy in real-time to maximize conversion rates and keep costs under control.

Performance Max

Search Campaigns

▌Type of ads


During the 3 month period, Google Ads campaigns for Donau SAAT generated significant results:

✔The results achieved in just three months of collaboration exceeded the expectations of both our team and the client. With more than 350.000 Google views, we managed to put Donau Saat on the digital map of the Romanian agricultural industry. More importantly, these listings translated into more than 600 concrete conversions – interested farmers who requested offers, filled in forms or contacted the company directly.

These figures are not just numbers on a sheet. They represent real connections created between Donau Saat and its potential customers, the seeds of long-lasting partnerships in the agricultural world. The success of this campaign demonstrates not only the effectiveness of Google Ads services when implemented correctly, but also the power of digital marketing to turn a newcomer into a significant player in the marketplace.

As an online marketing agency, we are proud to have been able to contribute to the growth and success of Donau Saat.

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