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re7consulting increases Oriflame sales from Google Ads by 865% in 2022

Oriflame Romania and re7consulting marked a year 2022 defined by exceptional results, in which the online marketing agency generated a more than 8.5-fold increase in sales achieved by the Beauty brand in the Google advertising ecosystem, results stimulated by a new strategic direction proposed by the agency, focused on accelerating the performance of an already mature account with a solid track record in terms of results.

Both the agency and the Oriflame Romania brand played a crucial role both in identifying and implementing a clear strategy and in providing adequate resources to support this strategy. Together, the two parties worked closely to ensure that all aspects of the campaign were well coordinated and each tactic perfectly calibrated to achieve the best results.

At the end of 2021, the Oriflame Romania brand, a leading player in the Beauty segment in our country, proposed a clear objective to the agency for the next year: repositioning itself on a more efficient promotional direction, which would accelerate the return generated by the campaigns run in Google Ads.

“The objective proposed by our partners was a challenge from the beginning, given the scale of the Oriflame Romania brand and the fact that the strategy we had to propose was not to grow from scratch, but to deliver more value on an already mature account with a solid track record in terms of results.

Fortunately, after analysing our partner’s Google Ads account in detail, we were able to pinpoint the key metric we needed to achieve a new strategic direction focused on accelerating account performance”

Alexandra Lovin – Managing Partner & General Manager, re7consulting.

The successful collaboration between re7consulting and Oriflame Romania was based on an efficient and transparent communication process. The two partners worked together to set clear objectives, to ensure that everyone was fully involved and had a correct vision of the processes, and to closely monitor the progress of the campaign. In this way, both parties were able to adjust the strategy in real time, based on results and feedback.

The budgets invested so far in Google Ads by the Oriflame Romania brand had generated impressive results, especially on visibility metrics. What was lacking, however, was a more efficient definition of a clear strategy to refine the targeting process, and this aspect was precisely the pillar of the new strategic direction proposed by the re7consulting agency.

Based on the proposed new strategy, the action plan was clear – optimise the performance measurement indicators of the targeting process:

  • Interaction rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Default number of conversions

At the same time, in order to fully support the proposed new strategic direction, Oriflame Romania has increased its investment budget by 147%, giving the agency more testing space to localize the best performing tactics.

What were the results?

An 865% year over year increase in sales from Google Ads campaigns.

The tactics chosen by the agency to achieve the proposed goal did not generate significantly more impressions, but key performance metrics relevant to the agency’s proposed strategic direction exploded: user interaction rate with ads increased 117%, conversion rate improved 215%, and actual number of conversions increased 220%, generating 865% more sales year over year.

The collaboration between Oriflame Romania and re7consulting agency demonstrates that with a well-defined strategy and the right allocation of resources, it is possible to achieve impressive results in a hyper-competitive online environment. It also highlights the importance of a dedicated and trained team that can identify and implement an appropriate strategy and work closely with their partner to achieve the best results.

About Oriflame

Founded in 1967, Oriflame is today an international Swedish natural cosmetics and wellness company that uses the direct sales method in over 60 countries around the globe through a sales force of approximately 3.6 million independent consultants generating total annual sales of over 1.5 billion euros.

In Romania, Oriflame has been sharing its passion for beauty, innovation and healthy lifestyle for over 25 years, offering high quality, safe and on-trend beauty products to beauty lovers and the unique opportunity to become part of a global beauty community.

About re7consulting agency

re7consulting is the only German Performance Marketing agency present on the Romanian market for over 8 years, during which time it has successfully delivered promotional campaigns for over 200 local and international clients.

The agency was established in 2015 by its parent company based in Fulda, Germany, active for over 10 years on the German market.

From the very beginning, the agency’s mission has been to consistently deliver specialized promotional solutions that exceed expectations, in an open and collaborative way with partners, providing clarity, inspiration and innovation in a collaborative environment defined by total transparency and permanent dialogue.

Do you need to reposition your business marketing campaigns on a higher performance line? Contact us today and let’s have a talk!

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