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Memormed and re7consulting clinics, one year of partnership: +70,000 clients delivered from Google Ads

■ Starting at the end of 2022, Memormed has opted for a more efficient digital strategy, benefiting from Google Ads expertise by investing over 100,000 euros in the last 12 months.

■ The results of the campaigns run in the Google Ads ecosystem have been impressive, generating more than 500,000 clicks and more than 73,000 conversions, attracting on average more than 200 customers daily to the services offered by the medical clinic.

Online marketing agency re7consulting Romania and Memormed medical clinics mark one year of collaboration on Google Ads, an excellent period in terms of performance generated, with over 70,000 customers successfully targeted from campaigns run by the agency in the Google advertising ecosystem to the clinic’s medical services.

Present for 15 years on the Romanian medical market, Memormed medical clinics provide customers with excellent medical services, structured in a wide portfolio of medical specialties, specialized imaging services and laboratory analysis offered by specialists with extensive experience gained in renowned hospitals in Bucharest, with high-performance diagnostic equipment.

The partnership between re7consulting and Memormed began at the end of 2022, when the management of the Memormed clinic decided to reposition itself on a more effective direction of promotion in the digital sphere, and for this it chose to access the Google Ads services offered by the specialists of the re7consulting agency.

The collaboration with Memormed’s partners was a positive challenge for us, already benefiting from the experience offered by campaigns already successfully delivered over the last 8 years for other players in the medical area in Romania, Germany and other European countries.

Thus, knowing well enough the industry and the behaviour patterns of potential customers in the sales journey in this niche, we responded to our partners with a strategic vision focused on optimizing the promotion process by:

Restructuring service promotion tactics and budget allocation to maximise visibility across the service portfolio.
Diversifying the advertising structures made available by Google to maximise impressions
Improving communication at each new point of contact with potential customers to maximise conversion rates
What results have we achieved?

With a total allocated budget of just over €100,000 over the last 12 months, ads run in the Google Ads ecosystem have been displayed nearly 4,000,000 times to potential customers, generating nearly 500,000 clicks and over 73,000 conversions, successfully driving an average of +200 customers to the clinic’s services daily.

The re7consulting agency is the only German Performance Marketing agency present on the Romanian market for almost 8 years, during which time it has successfully delivered promotional campaigns for over 200 local and international clients.

“The last year has been a positive challenge for us in collaboration with our partners at Memormed. We are glad to have had the opportunity to offer our partners a new strategic vision where every single invested dollar was programmed to return a clear measurable result that would give us a valuable clue in the optimization process, a strategy that, lo and behold, delivered great results” said Alexandra Lovin, Managing Partner re7consulting.

The re7consulting agency was founded in 2015 by the eponymous company based in Fulda, Germany, which has been active in the German market for over 10 years.

From the very beginning, re7consulting agency’s mission has been to consistently deliver expert marketing services that exceed expectations in an open and collaborative way with partners, providing clarity, inspiration and innovation in a collaborative environment defined by total transparency and ongoing dialogue.

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