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Creators of online shops built to sell

Specialized in e-commerces

We build

Online shops ready to sell, coded from scratch or integrated with professional e-commerce platforms.

We implement

Integrated promotion strategies with a strong focus on conversion rate optimization and sales growth.

We optimise

We support the constant and consistent evolution of processes with powerful Big Data analysis tools.

Complete services. Unique online shopping experiences

Every player in the marketplace is striving to make online shopping an easy, efficient experience. The superior shopping experience must, however, be supported by a complex ecosystem made up of marketing and sales strategies, Big Data analytics, optimization and, last but not least, creativity. That’s why our services are designed to support an online business at every stage it needs to go through so that, at maturity, it delivers a seamless shopping experience.


We have programmers specialized in creating high-performance online stores, customized exactly with the requirements imposed.


We build online stores based on the most powerful e-commerce platforms, such as PrestaShop, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Strategic market analysis

We understand the market, identify competitors and potential customers, set the optimal budget and locate the most effective promotion channels.


We develop the promotion strategies that have the greatest potential to achieve the objectives set and the concrete action plan.

E-commerce Analytics

Set up data collection tools, define targets to be achieved and compatible metrics for accurate data monitoring.

Social e-commerce

The company-customer relationship is expressed through multiple experiences, tools, places and situations, and digital channels play a decisive role in this process.

UX Setup

Boost sales by implementing measures designed to provide superior visual and navigation experiences for potential customers.

E-commerce SEO

We implement both On-Page SEO optimization strategies (site optimization) and Google visibility boosting strategies (Off-Page).


We develop creative content structures designed to clearly highlight the quality and usefulness of products, thus stimulating concrete purchasing actions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing in e-commerce is more than direct selling. It’s information. It’s education. It’s entertainment. It’s about brand culture.

PPC Marketing

We offer Pay-Per-Click tools and integrated remarketing solutions with real capabilities to generate conversions in a short timeframe.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an essential tool in e-commerce, extremely effective in increasing shopping cart value and number of customers.

Ecommerce market in Romania reached 5.6 billion euros

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Tools used in e-commerce

Benefits for clients:

Total geographical coverage. A physical store will always be geographically limited, which means that the target audience will also be limited to the area where the store is located. The online store, on the other hand, has the ability to fulfil customer orders regardless of geographical area.

Availability 24/7. Online shops are always available for buyers, which offers a decisive advantage in terms of availability in customer relations.

Discounted prices. Due to the fact that it can operate at full capacity without a large team of people, but also without a specific physical location, which would require closing costs, an online store can afford to display lower prices on products.

Benefits for you:

Automated management. You have professional management process automation features. We are talking about the automation of the stock management system, but also tools to streamline the ordering, delivery and payment procedures.

Highly targeted marketing. Promote your business more effectively with detailed statistics about customers, consumer habits and market trends.



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