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7 formulas for exciting headlines – how to write good headlines

Statistics show that on average 80% of people read the title of a text, but only 20% read the whole content.

This fact underlines the essential importance of a well-formulated headline to attract and hold the attention of readers.

There are many formulas available to create engaging headlines, and these can be a valuable tool for a copywriter.

Did you know that on average 80% of people read the title of a text, while only 20% read the text itself? With this statistic I want to show you how important it is for you, as a copywriter, to write a good headline There are many formulas for engaging headlines that you can use too.

A headline is the first thing that catches readers’ attention when they find an article or receive an email. If the headline isn’t interesting enough, the reader won’t even bother to read the rest of the article or open their email, concluding that they aren’t worth their time.

Therefore, remember that the most important thing when writing a post or article is to focus on the headline.

That’s why we’ve prepared below a list of the 7 best headline formulas that stimulate readers and will guarantee your success.

7 formulas for exciting headlines

  1. Who else wants…?

Starting a headline with this phrase is a classic social strategy that implies an already existing desire of the reader. Here are some examples:

  • Who else wants a better paying job?
  • Who else wants more vacation time?
  • Who else wants better writing?
  1. The secret…

This formula, which is within everyone’s reach, is quite common among well-known copywriters when they want to attract readers’ attention. Why? Because it works, of course. Share your knowledge and package it as a benefit to your readers. Examples:

  • The secret to a successful podcast
  • The secret to an enviable body
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Yes, even a book can have such a title)
  1. Ways to…

If you want to write better headlines, identify your target audience, the benefits you can offer and complete the formula above. Examples:

  • Ways you can save more per month
  • Ways to write copy that sells
  • Ways to lose weight without dieting
  1. Lesser-known ways to…

This formula is a more intriguing and less common way to get the same result as the Secret formula. Examples:

  • Lesser-known ways you can lose weight simply and quickly
  • Lesser-known ways to write successful headlines
  • Lesser-known ways to excel at work
  1. Get rid of …(a problem) for good

This formula will never be missing from the list of the most successful headlines. Identify a painful problem, an unfulfilled desire of your target audience and enjoy the results. Examples:

  • Get rid of unhealthy habits for good
  • Get rid of smoking forever
  • Get rid of stains on clothes forever
  1. Here’s a quick way to… (solve a problem)

People love shortcuts, they like to get everything done quickly without any effort. Examples:

  • Here’s a quick way to get rid of pimples on your face
  • Here’s a quick way to become famous on Instagram
  • Here’s a quick way to get rid of extra pounds
  1. Top (number) ways to…

One of the most popular and effective tilu formulas is How to, respectively Top (number) ways to. Examples:

  • Top 5 ways to become a more organized person
  • Top 5 weight loss products
  • Top 5 ways to save money more easily
  • How to become a calmer person?
  • How to lose 10 pounds in a month?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

There are many ways to write engaging headlines, whether they centre on curiosity, questions, statistics or top stories. However, before choosing a formula, remember that not every formula works for every topic. Think about the product or service you want to talk about in your copy, your target audience, and then choose what’s most appropriate.

Good luck writing!

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