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Youtube changes the views count system for Music Trends

Youtube is making a major change to the view-counting system for music videos on the platform, after discovering that artists and record labels were using hacking strategies to artificially increase their view counts.

The video platform will no longer take into account views from ads for music videos, but will only allow organic views to be displayed.

The announcement was made Friday in a post published on the official Youtube blog.

The change will be felt mainly in the 24-hour “Trending” charts made by Youtube, where only songs that have registered 100% organic views will enter, i.e. views coming from links that send to the video, search results, external sites that embed the material and from internal Youtube functions such as the homepage, the “Watch Next” function or from “Trends”.

Showing music videos as ads, in front of other YouTube videos, has become common practice in the music industry, as the views obtained through this strategy are counted in common with organic views, if the ad is watched for a long enough period of time.

Top 10 most viewed songs on Youtube Romania

This week, according to the top views chart for Romania, the top 10 most viewed songs on Youtube are:

  • abi – “$cuze”
  • AMNA – “In his eyes”
  • KILLA FONIC feat Carla’s Dreams – Bambolina
  • JO X JUNO – Cauta-ma
  • AMI – Tramway
  • DJ PROJECT feat. Andia – Retrograd
  • Irina Rimes – In Palms
  • Alina Eremia – Among Words
  • Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey – Don’t Call Me Angel

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