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What does webinar and seminar mean – what is the difference?

We are in the information age, which somehow forces us to keep up with the fast-paced way information is generated and distributed, which is also one of the reasons why people want to know what webinars and seminars mean.

All the time, we also have less time to really educate ourselves, and this this affects the way we assimilate certain skills or knowledge.

This evolution has made us turn our attention to online courses, such as webinars, workshops, trainings, video courses, etc.

Throughout time, organizations or individuals wishing to distribute educational content and quality content (for free or for a fee), have developed hundreds of courses and webinars.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to make an objective analysis of the two types of teaching: webinar and seminar, and to discuss what is the difference between the two, as well as their advantages or disadvantages.

What does webinar mean?

what is re7consulting webinar

Webminar is actually a webinar and is used by organizations or individuals to convey a message or information to a wide audience.

One of advantages of a webinar is that potential participants do not have to spend money to travel to a physical location.

Also, the contexts in which a webminar can be useful are very different. At macro level, it may be presenting a conference or a course for specific industries.

The key is that a webinar is a flexible teaching tool, and any industry can benefit from it.

You’ve probably already figured out that I’ve presented some of the advantages of webinars so far, but if you read on you’ll find some negatives as well as positives.

Webinar benefits:

1. Keeping a relationship after the webinar ends

One of advantages of a webinar is the relationship created during the webinar. which can be built upon after the webinar has ended.

After webinar, the content can be made available online to be later accessed by the participant.

Also, by saving personal data and in compliance with the new GDPR, the organizer webinar organizer can send invitations for future events that might be of interest to the participant, as well as possible information that may come as a addition to what has already been taught in the webinar.

2. Saving time and money

In the case of webinar, expenses and time spent travelling to the physical location are eliminated.

Also, the logistics for a good experience are a laptop or computer with access to an Internet network with decent speed.

More, there’s the possibility of filming or recording the webinar so it can be replayed by interested parties.

3. Developing a long-term relationship

The ability of the presenter to interact with the audience and make their voice heard helps the presenter increase their credibility and connection with webinar participants.

Disadvantages webinar:

1. Technical difficulties

As we previously specified, to run and participate in a webinar Internet access is required, but there may be cases where the quality of the Internet cannot support the needs of a webinar.

Also, some browsers may not be compatible with the webinar platform, so delays may occur or participants may not be able to take participate in the webinar.

2. Missing interaction with participants

Another negative aspect can be considered the fact that it lacks that visual contact with other participants, which can lead to an impersonal and sometimes even uninteresting.

However, this aspect can be improved by the webinar supporter, to the extent that skills allow them to do so.

These having said that, we hope you understand what a webinar is, as well as what are advantages or disadvantages of such a learning program.

Now let’s see what a seminar is and how it is different from a webinar, as well as the advantages or disadvantages of a seminar.

What does seminar mean?

In a seminar is a meeting conducted by an expert in a specific field. and extends over several days.

Within the a seminar you take part in discussions, different speakers participate and you can share ideas or perspectives on the topic of the seminar.

According to specifics of each seminar (event) of this type, there may be both a advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages seminar:

1. Communicate oral

Seminars can be comfortable and are a good opportunity to practice pitches and professional communication methods.

Also, it gives participants the opportunity to improve their ability to concentration and listening skills, argumentation skills and acceptance of opinion. of others.

More, through group discussions and activities, participants can develop interpersonal skills.

2. Specialist knowledge

Indifferent whether we are talking about a seminar or an event dedicated to doctors or communication and marketing professionals, by attending a seminar or such seminars, participants are exposed to a topic of discussion through presentations and discussions led by various experts.

What turns a seminar into an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about a particular subject without having to read or study during free time.

However. recommended that any information you learn in a seminar should be verified in at least 3 different sources and research how to can help you achieve your personal or business goals.

3. Networking

Better yet the most important aspect because it is the perfect opportunity for the participant to to meet other people with common interests and exchange impressions or experiences.

Which, on long term, can lead to professional connections that can become beneficial.

4. Specific and customized information

The objective of seminars and events of this type is to deliver information and answers on specific topics.

Therefore, many organizers ask during the event registration process information about the industry in which each participant works and possibly ask them to mention what problems they face in their daily activities.

Information information being used by the organizers to structure the seminar in so as to be able to touch on topics that are of interest and useful for the entire audience in the room.

Disadvantages seminar:

1. Costs higher

In comparative with webinars, conducting a seminar involves the participant travelling to a physical location, which implies a higher budget, because there are certain organizational expenses that need to be taken into account.

Also, there’s the cost of renting the space for the seminar, and the expenses for speakers or the menu served at the lunch break.

2. Time

Usually a seminar lasts at least one day, which complicates things a bit because the participant’s schedule will have to be completely aligned with the seminar schedule.

Conclusion – what is the difference between webinar and seminar?

These having said that, taking into account all the aspects mentioned above about webinars and webinars, we are of the opinion that the experience of attending a webinar can bring many benefits.

Although it involves higher costs (both for participants and for the organizers) and requires more time, the way in which the information and assimilated by the participant is more valuable.

The experience can also be valued from several points of view:

  • networking,
  • improving professional communication skills,
  • improving listening and argumentation skills,
  • improving teamwork skills.

And because re7consulting agency team values continuous education and information, we have developed a seminar on Social Media, where our colleague – Alexandra Lovin, will will offer her knowledge and experience in the Digital Marketing to help you better understand the whole Social ecosystem. Media.

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