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[Case Study] Editura ALL – Meta Ads

How we generated over 638 sales in one month with an ROAS of 13.44 through Meta Ads


The biggest challenge has been selling products in an ultra-saturated book market. Another challenge was generating a high ROAS from selling relatively cheap products.


Our strategy was to integrate a mix of targets and create dedicated offers in order to redirect campaigns towards selling desired products. We also created different funnels to sell as many products as possible and promote the spot offer.

The main campaigns that brought in sales were conversions and Catalog Sales – the latter being the most profitable, focusing on remarketing strategy.

As a marketing plan, we implemented the 50% discount offer, created banners and texts representative of the promoted products.

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In just one month we generated 638 sales. The revenue generated by our strategy was 154,624 RON. The budget spent was 11,507 RON and we reached over 467,000 people.







154K RON

Main marketing goals

> Generating sales

The PPC strategy was based on

> Geolocation targeting

> Testing the market

> Promoting the offers

> Testing different visuals

Other targets used

> Brand awareness, interactions, traffic

Lead Generation

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