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∣ Case Study ∣ Donau Saat – Meta Ads

How we generated over 3.5 million Meta views in 3 months

▌Why us?

Choose Facebook Ads agency, re7consulting for your Meta Ads campaigns and turn your online presence into a growth engine for your business! We are the right choice due to our proven expertise, generating over 3.5 million Meta views in just 3 months for Donau Saat. We pride ourselves on our ability to create customized strategies tailored specifically to your business needs and goals. By constantly monitoring and adjusting campaigns, we ensure continuous optimization for maximum results. We focus on the metrics that really matter to your business, delivering measurable ROI. Additionally, our experience in the agricultural industry allows us to understand the unique challenges of the sector and address them effectively online.

▌About the brand

Donau Saat is not just a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural seeds. It is a company that understands the challenges facing modern farmers and offers innovative solutions to overcome them. With a diversified range of products, from certified organic seeds to niche crops such as flax, buckwheat or poppy, Donau Saat positions itself as a reliable partner for farmers looking to optimize their production and profitability.

▌Challenge and analysis

In the face of an increasingly competitive agricultural market and rapidly changing consumer behavior, Donau Saat had to strengthen its online presence to stay relevant and expand its customer base.

Specific challenges included:

Increasing visibility in a crowded digital space, the need to stand out in a traditional sector with a growing online presence, and educating the target audience about the benefits of Donau Saat products.

Generating qualityleads involved identifying and targeting farmers interested in innovation and alternative crops, as well as converting online visitors into potential customers and, subsequently, loyal customers.

Optimizing marketing budgets required the efficient allocation of resources between different channels and campaigns, as well as maximizing ROI in the context of a seasonal market. Maintaining and exceeding KPIs involved setting realistic but ambitious targets and implementing a continuous monitoring and optimization system.

Tailoring the message to different audience segments required customizing the communication for small vs. large farmers and addressing different needs depending on geographical region and crop type.

To address these challenges, an in-depth analysis was conducted that included the study of Romanian farmers’ online behavior, competitive analysis of competitors’ digital presence, evaluation of the marketing channels with the highest potential for the agricultural industry and identification of optimal periods for promotion aligned with the agricultural cycle.

To measure the success of the campaigns, we established relevant KPIs, such as:

✔ Increasing visibility.

✔Lead generation

▌Campaign strategy

We implemented an integrated strategy for Donau SAAT, focused on increasing visibility and strengthening the brand in Romania:

Integration of various campaigns:

Reach: to maximize brand exposure

Engagement: To stimulate audience interactions

Call: To generate direct leads

Traffic: Directing users to the site

Structuring ad groups:

Personalization for each promoted product

Allocation of budgets and specific audiences for each offer.

▌Types of ads


Over the 3-month period, Facebook Ads campaigns for Donau SAAT generated significant results:

✔Reach and visibility:

Over 3.5 million views on Facebook and Instagram

This represents massive brand exposure among the target audience

Significantly contributed to increased brand recognition of Donau SAAT


Over 10,000 interactions with ads and posts

Includes likes, comments, shares and other forms of engagement

Demonstrates real audience interest in the content and offers presented

✔Traffic on the site:

Over 5,000 users directed to the Donau SAAT website

Indicates increased interest in detailed product information

Provides opportunities for conversions and lead generation.

✔ Am generat:






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