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∣ Case Study ∣ Runway – Meta Ads

How we generated over 160 job applicants abroad in 4 months

▌Why us?

Discover how online marketing agency re7consulting helped Runway generate over 160 leads in 4 months. With effective strategies and personalized service, we turned clicks into valuable opportunities in the recruitment industry. Choose to work with us if you want to see results like these.

▌About the brand

Runway Careers facilitates candidates’ access to full-time job opportunities at some of the largest airlines and operators at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company offers employment opportunities for people from all over Europe, giving them the chance to work, learn and earn more in the Netherlands.

Runway is based on an extremely flexible model of recruitment and placement. This model allows for the training of staff in a variety of areas in and around the airport, ensuring maximum flexibility in choosing the right job for candidates and providing our partners with a qualified and compatible workforce at all times.

▌Challenge and analysis

The biggest challenge in creating the marketing strategy was creating relevant audiences using Special Ad Category – Employment.
The objective of the campaigns was to generate leads, people who want to apply for a job abroad, specifically in the Netherlands and Germany. The biggest challenge was to reach people who know English and German.

To measure the success of the campaigns, we set relevant KPIs such as:

✔ Leads.

✔ Lowest cost per lead

▌Campaign strategy

To support Runway Careers’ recruitment efforts, we developed Website Leads campaigns on Meta Ads, using various audience types and ad formats to achieve optimal results.

✔ Challenges Special Ad Category

Because our campaigns were classified in the Special Ad Category, we faced significant restrictions on targeting options. Despite these limitations, we managed to target the campaigns to the whole of Romania, focusing on people who know English and German. This allowed us to reach a suitable audience for the positions offered by Runway Careers.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment

Daily monitoring of campaign performance was essential to assess the relevance of the leads generated. Maintaining a close relationship with our partner, Runway Careers, allowed us to quickly and efficiently adjust campaigns based on feedback received and results observed.

Weekly reporting and analysis

The weekly reports have provided us with essential data on campaign performance. These analyses have been fundamental to understanding what elements are working well and where adjustments are needed. The information obtained has been the basis for continuous optimisation of campaigns, ensuring their long-term success.

PPC strategy was based on:

✔ Geographical targeting,
Promotion of certain jobs
Testing the audience
Testing different visuals

Others objectives:

✔ Lead generation
✔ Lowest cost per lead

▌Visuals – Banners

▌Types of ads


Over a period of 4 months, our Meta Ads campaigns have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness. With a constant budget of 1100 euro per month, we managed to reach almost 120,000 people each month. This allowed us to generate, on average, 40 leads per month, demonstrating that our strategy was not only well planned but also well executed.

Our campaigns focused not only on the volume of leads generated, but also on the quality of the leads. Thanks to careful targeting and continuous monitoring, we were able to ensure that the leads were relevant and had a high conversion potential. Thus, Runway Careers was able to attract qualified and motivated candidates that fit the specific requirements of the positions offered.

✔ We generated:






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