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How we generated over 4200 leads at a cost of 9 lei per lead in 6 months

▌Why us?

Find out how re7consulting online marketing agency helped Euroleasing generate over 4200 leads in 6 months, at a cost of only 9 lei per lead. With effective strategies and personalized service, we turned clicks into valuable opportunities in the automotive industry. Choose to work with us if you want to see results like these.

▌About the brand

Euroleasing offers a full range of car services, including leasing and car credit for individuals, maintenance services and extended warranties for all cars in stock, along with registration support. With a rich portfolio of over 200 cars available, customers benefit from a wide range of options to choose their desired vehicle. Free consultation is available and a fast credit approval process in just 30 minutes ensures they can make the right decisions in a timely manner. One of the distinct advantages offered by Euroleasing is the extended 12-month warranty, which gives customers the security they need when buying a car. Also, the option to order directly from stock and the possibility to choose between purchasing by car credit or cash payment are details that highlight the flexibility and adaptability of our services to the needs and preferences of each customer.

▌Challenge and analysis

The main challenge in creating the Meta Ads strategy for Euroleasing was to identify and attract a relevant audience, with a particular focus on generating leads for model information requests and showroom test drive appointments. The main objectives were oriented towards increasing car sales and attracting as many potential customers as possible to Euroleasing locations. To measure the success of the campaigns, we established relevant KPIs such as: ✔ Number of phone calls. ✔ Messages on WhatsApp. ✔ Messages on Facebook. ✔ Website interactions. In terms of special benefits of Euroleasing products, these include new car offer starting 2015, service with warranty and two free overhauls. Our target audience is people of all ages, between 20 and 70, from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in Romania. The choice of these geographical areas was determined by the interest and accessibility of potential customers to Euroleasing showrooms.

▌Campaign strategy

✔ We implemented a funnel with different objectives, testing different audiences to evaluate the effectiveness and optimization of the allocated budget. We directed 25% of the budget to visibility campaigns and 75% to lead and call generation campaigns.

✔ We continually explored new targeting directions to avoid overlapping audiences already in the funnel. Visuals were tailored to maximise the appeal of the ads, using video reels provided by our partner.

PPC strategy was focused on:

✔ Geographic targeting,
✔ Testing different audiences,
✔ Specific promotion of certain products,
✔ Testing and optimisation of visuals.

Other objectives used:

✔ Increase brand awareness,
✔ Increasing interactions with audiences,
✔ Increase traffic to the Euroleasing website.

▌Visual – Banners

▌Types of ads


The budget was kept constant each month, with an average frequency of 10 views per ad. Across all campaigns, we managed to reach a total audience of 1.9 million people. Most leads were generated by the Contact Form Filling campaigns, with a total of 2,523 completed forms. The rest of the leads came from calls, totalling 1749. These results demonstrate the efficiency and success of the strategies implemented, contributing to the achievement of the objectives set for the Euroleasing campaign.

✔ We generated:






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